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I just heard about Hit BDSM this morning, and already I’m stocking up on rope, painfully powerful vibrators, ball gags and an arm-sized dildo I attached to a mop handle for maximum thrust leverage. Can you blame me? I always get pretty excited after I snort my rail of breakfast Viagra, and today I just happened to stumble onto a massive free tube completely devoted to BDSM porn. They’ve been straight-up giving the stuff away since 2018, when they added their first video of a tiny blonde losing a wrestling match to a gorgeous, powerful Asian babe with a preference for fingering her downed opponents.

HitBDSM.com seems to have chosen an accurate name. Not only are they full of that titular Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, as well as Sadism and Masochism, but they’re also a huge fucking hit among perverts who like it more than just a little rough. This may be a little intense for the soccer moms diddling themselves while reading Fifty Shades, but 5,000 visitors a day are flogging their meat to what they’ve got in their leather-bound library of smut. Let’s see what they’re cranking it to.

Hard as Fuck and Free as Hell

Hit BDSM is hard as fuck right from the logo, a white and red stamp of bold, uppercase letters, laid on top of a black layout that reminds me of blindfolded women and dungeon sessions. Oh, speaking of which, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll see on the thumbnails spread out all over the page. It isn’t your typical free-tube selection of frolicking lesbians, fun-time orgies and babes masturbating with vibrators. Instead, I see women tying up and shocking each other, aggressive tear-and-cum-drenched airtight orgies, and babes being fucked, screaming senseless by what looks like power tools.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is all kinds of fucking kinky shit happening at HitBDSM. All you kinksters and fetishists who feel underserved by the big tubes will be throbbing right out of your PVC underwear and cockboxes. The front page alone features a smorgasbord of such outlandish perversion as machine fucking, tickling, flogging, caning and cuckolding. While there is some femdom, most of the videos feature hot chicks in various states of undress and distress.

Sometimes with fetish sites, you end up jacking off to a bunch of no-name ugly girls. One thing I immediately like about this joint is how they’ve got a mix of unknown amateurs, fetish models and traditional pornstars known for their regular ol’ scissoring, tittyfucking and blowbanging movies. Beat off to fetish chicks like Daisy Ducati and Cheyenne Jewel, and then see video sluts like Aidra Fox and Abella Danger doing kinkier shit than you’ve ever seen them do before.

The default view shows a random selection of BDSM pornos pulled from the big-ass library. They’ve also got the typical set of filters for reshuffling the collection by views, popularity, length or latest. I couldn’t find any upload dates on the flicks, which makes it hard to tell how often they add new stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s all the time, though, because the full collection spans nearly 12,000 bondage and fetish videos.

Disgraced Sluts and Premium Smut

The obvious question with a stash that big is, where do I even begin? I bet you already have an idea where you’d begin, because kinksters tend to have pretty fucking refined tastes, and by that, I mean you’re picky as hell. That ain’t necessarily a bad thing, though it means your preferred smut may be difficult to find on a lot of the bigger tubes. That’s not so at HitBDSM.com, which was pretty much made for you.

I made my way to the Categories page to see the full list of niches and fetishes covered by HitBDSM’s archives. I was a little surprised to find it was only a few dozen thumbnailed subgenres of BDSM videos. No worries, because they’ve got to have a more extensive list of tags, right? That’s what you’d expect, but it looks like Hit BDSM only does Categories without the usual tags.

That could potentially make it harder to find the exact fap fodder you’re looking for, but these Categories are a good start. They’ve got niches like Public Disgrace, Whipped Ass, Hogtied and Device Bondage. I think it goes without saying that their Fucking and Hardcore categories are a little bit different from what you’d expect on another site.

Some of you hardened fetishists out there recognize some of those categories as not just categories, but BDSM paysites full of pricey movies where women get tied up, fucked and tortured. Well, yeah, that’s exactly right: HitBDSM.com posts full-length bondage movies from major BDSM studios and premium sites. Other site-categories include Infernal Restraints, Filth Syndicate, Fetish Network and Sadistic Rope.

Whoa, full-length and premium, huh? I bet you thought you were going to beat off to 30-second bondage samples from OnlyFans chicks and grainy videotaped BDSM sessions from a decade or two ago. It looks like HitBDSM is going all out, giving us the real deal, so we’d be fucking dumbasses to skip out.

Top Pornstars in Kinky Situations

The Pornstar page at Hit BDSM is an impressive list of very freaky girls, the kind you don’t take home to mother, stretching on for more than 120 pages. Abigail Mac, Adriana Chechik, AJ Applegate and Alaina Fox grace the first couple pages, just to name a handful. I clicked randomly to page 57, where I found classic porn MILF Julia Ann. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to find her in some extra-kinky fare. According to IAFD, the experienced slut has got nearly 1300 performer credits.

Julia’s got 8 full-length movies in the Hit BDSM archives, almost all of which run well over an hour. I guess it’s a good thing I just gassed up the motorized cock stroker, because I’ve got some heavy-duty fapping to do for, um, let’s do the math… about ten hours of Julia Ann fetish porn.

At just 45 minutes, Julia Ann’s Submissive Fantasy is the shortest on the list, but the thumbnail got me going in a big way. I clicked the small pic of Julia with her titties all tied up and a dick in her twat. The video page loaded quickly and the movie started playing automatically, not a bit of spam slipping through my adblocker along the way.

The video resolution is a little grainy, so I hit the HD button, hoping to max it out. Unfortunately, it looks like the only options for streaming are 480p and 240p. Those are pretty lousy by modern standards, but a lot cheaper on their end. The relatively low resolution seems to be the main tradeoff you’ll be making by fapping to HitBDSM.com instead of the actual paysites.

The video, from SexAndSubmission, opens with an interview with Julia Ann. I wanted to skip right to the action, so I jumped ahead a few minutes. Perhaps thanks to the low resolution, there’s no buffering at all as I skip through the video. In no time, Julia is all taped up on the floor, gasping while getting her titties slapped and a dick shoved in her face. She’s gagging by the 9-minute mark, her face already sticky as hell.

There’s a lot going on in the film, with multiple scenes of punishment and perversion. Next, she gets tied spread-eagle to a bed, her tips wrapped tightly and bulging from her sexy, age-ripened MILF body. Needless to say, our bald hero makes the most of her helplessness, pounding away at her shaved cooter.

It’s really goddamn difficult to complain about all the kinky free action you’ll find at Hit BDSM, not to mention all the money you’ll save. Of course, my whole job is taking these things apart, so I do have a couple of suggestions. For one thing, modern video resolutions would be fucking fantastic, because I feel like I’m masturbating to Tetris here. It doesn’t even have to be 4K Ultra-HD; I’d settle for 720p, aka last-gen HD. Tags would also make the site much easier to search, and ain’t even a big ask. Just about every other video site, clean or dirty, has them.

If you’ve been looking for some filthy, kinky and depraved BDSM movies to crank it to during your cheapskate library masturbation sessions, you can’t really go wrong with HitBDSM.com’s growing archive of the rough stuff. It’s free, the videos are full-length and freaky, and the talent is top-shelf. These pornstars and fetish models have already lost their dignity. However, what do you have to lose by watching with your dick out and your pants around your ankles?



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