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This Vid is a pretty mundane name for a website. It’s generic as hell, and clean enough that it could even be the next obnoxious video loop app for teens. Well, maybe in an alternate universe. In our world, ThisVid is a free video-sharing site. In fact, it’s the #1 Place For Your Homemade Videos, according to the tagline above the logo. What kind of vids are we talking about? I think you already have a good idea.

I am going to warn you up front, though: ain’t your typical free tube. It’s set up like the rest of them, sure, but it seems to have attracted a noticeably different, some might say kinkier demographic than most free porn sites. I’m not sure how things were when they got started in 2005, but in 2021, there’s at least as much BDSM and fetish porn as there are lesbians and blowjob flicks. The site gets nearly 14 million visits a month, and you’re about to find out what gets them all hard and drippy.

Big Dicks and Really Freaky Shit

The first thing I noticed when I hit the front page was a lot of dicks. Big, fat, hard, veiny, queer dicks. There’s a young hairless dude playing with his boner and a muscle man smoking a cigarette while jerking off. There’s a girl getting fucked and facialed by her boyfriend, but she’s right next to a dude with an emoji head and Spiderman shirt exposing himself in the mirror. They’ve even got a fat dude legit sucking his own dick! I ain’t gay, but I might not leave the house if I had that superpower.

ThisVid leans toward the fag stuff, with around 250k Gay videos and around 170k Straight ones. Before I switch the view to just show me the Straight videos, I take a moment to appreciate the sheer freakiness of it all. They’ve got a dude getting tied up and sock-gagged, an amputee cranking it, and a giant in loafers crushing a car in a city designed to look like an enormous home hallway. They’ve got grainy videos of hillbillies literally just sleeping, presented for your masturbatory pleasure.

Can you see where I’m going with this? The straight section ain’t exactly missionary and make-out sessions, either. The exotic babe sucking dick POV in the top row looked like a pretty standard bit of smut until I read the title: Sexy Latina Pukefucked. There’s some amateur squirting and anal lesbians, but most of what I see here dials the freakiness meter up to 11, at the very least.

Just Look at These Kinky Categories

The sidebar on the right does list some typical porn categories like Anal, Creampie, Interracial, Teens, and Amateur. They definitely do have some fantastic amateur porn here; the very newest scene is an 8-minute long clip of a sexy wife masturbating to porn while her husband shoots the video. They also list more than a handful of kinky categories you won’t often find on other porn tubes. Hell, a lot of sites specifically ban what ThisVid has on the menu.

They’ve got a few generic, vague label Categories like BDSM, Fetish, and Bizarre. In case you were wondering, that last one features a grab bag of perversion like anal prolapse fingering, sexy women licking dirty public toilet seats, and rectal eels. I see a lot of clips promising to show you a butthole being ruined for life.

Of course, some folks like their Bizarre porn in a more specific variety, so they’ve helpfully provided a bunch of more-specific tags. You can watch bitches with big bellies getting it under Preggo Sex, or humungous BBWs and SSBBWs under Big Women. How about getting your golden showers fix in the Pissing area or just go for that all-out Scat? There’s also Shemale Scat, if you like seeing a dong dangling while dumping a deuce. Those of you afraid of taking the full plunge can just take a whiff of their nearly 27,000 farting movies.

The general vibe is so kinky at ThisVid that I was curious what kind of tomfoolery they had filed under Other. It turns out it’s another grab bag. The newest videos are a 25-second clip of a couple of homeless guys fighting on a sidewalk, a restrained Japanese babe getting fist-fucked, and a few hotties spitting milkshakes in each other’s mouths at the local Target. They’ve also got a close-up of a girlfriend revving an engine in high heels, a fat guy jacking off on webcam for the first time, and some lady showing off the dirty diapers she took from the dumpster next door.

Watch This Vid In HD

Most of the videos on ThisVid aren’t HD, and I wonder how much of that has to do with the content sources. A lot of these videos are clearly old, and never existed in HD, to begin with. Sometimes, you’ve just got to hold onto that old 240p video of a girl drinking a mixture of her own urine and breastmilk, because where the fuck are you going to find another?

I watched one of the more recent HD ones, Hotkinkyjo Deep Dildo Fuck And Belly Bulge At The Public Beach. It was added to the site about an hour ago, as the site gets a near-constant stream of uploads. The video started after just a second or two of buffering.

The video is crisp and clear, giving me a flawless look at this girl fucking her asshole with a huge black dildo so deeply you can see it bulging through her stomach. It looks like she’s got a goddamn chestburster from Alien in there, but nah, it’s just a two-foot, simulated horse cock. She gets on her hands and knees, pulls it out, gapes, and then a fleshy red rosebud rises from her butthole to greet the viewer.

There’s a Share button beneath each video to spread it around social media. It’s got sites like Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, and Blogger, but I’m disappointed Facebook ain’t on the list. How else am I supposed to let grandma subtly know that all I want for Christmas is to see another beautiful woman push the bottom part of her large intestine outside of her anus?

Tons of Freaky Shit for True Perverts

The Gay/Straight filtering isn’t always entirely useful, since it relies on uploaders tagging their shit right. Straight dudes are going to see a fair amount of gay shit in their tubes, and vice versa. The two newest “straight” videos right now are some skinny guy jacking off in front of a webcam.

I found a weird quirk in how the filters work when you’re browsing the front page or categories, versus how they work after you do a search. Usually, the filters let you choose from Gay or Straight, Public, or Private. After doing a search, you choose between Gay or Straight, Extreme, or not. It would be pretty useful to have both the Extreme and Public options available at all times. The private videos are especially annoying to have in your search results since most people can’t watch them.

It’s really not that much of an inconvenience, though, especially if you’re after the kind of kinky shit ThisVid has in their ever-growing stash of weird porno. A lot of this stuff is very difficult to find elsewhere, and you’d probably put up with far more bullshit than they actually throw at you. With my spam blocker running, I didn’t get a single pop-up or pop-under, nor did I see any banner or sidebar ads. Fuck yes!

ThisVid ain’t for everybody. I think a lot of you fuckers would get a kick out of a non-masturbatory perusal of the site just for the sheer shock value of it. The site’s true appeal is to niche masturbators whose needs aren’t necessarily catered to by sites like PornHub. The first time I mentioned them on ThePornDude, for example, was for scat fans looking for poo when nobody else had it.

If you feel you’re a bit kinkier than your standard free sex tube, may be the site you’ve been looking for. They’ve got some vanilla stuff, but most of their user-uploaded catalog consists of bondage, fetish, extreme porn, and other material you can’t find in abundance anywhere else. It may also be just the place to upload your own collection of freaky spank fodder you’ve been piling up over the years.



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