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Feme Fun? I get it. Regular porn doesn’t do it for you anymore. Your dick probably doesn’t even twitch when you look at mainstream porn. You’ve seen sluts masturbate, get fucked, and do all kinds of kinky shit and yet it still isn’t enough. You need something more. More than what the regular fetish or BDSM pages on the popular sites can give you. Well, step into the dark world I have for you today. Shit that you could never let see the light of day. Things you could never ever tell your wife or anyone close to you. I’m talking the freakiest, kinkiest shit out there. Make sure you aren’t followed and step into my back room to talk about it.

The site with everything your twisted mind could possibly desire is called Femefun.com. And if you ever thought you were alone in these desires, worry no more. Feme Fun brings in over 5million fucked up people like you every single month. That’s a damn good number for a site as dark as this one. This shit isn’t new either. They’ve been around since as early as 2010 pumping out the best fetish porn out there.

Good Site Design Proudly Displays Everything from Gangbangs to Bestiality

But let’s get right into this shit, shall we? The layout is fine enough. It’s a bright white background with black boxes. Nothing special really. I’d rather it be a bit darker. I don’t want everyone in the world to see my bright ass screen while I’m watching some busty chick suck off a horse. Yeah, a fucking horse. The front page is sorted by videos that are being watched now, and fuck I’ve never seen so much bestiality. I know a lot of you fucks out there like this stuff, but the closest I’ve gotten to the thought is that one-night stand telling me I was hung like a horse. I will admit that there is something sickly fascinating about it, but if you’re seeking this kind of content then here you go.

Below that you’ll get the recently added videos and you can keep on loading more and more if you just want to scroll the front page. If those aren’t suiting your tastes then you can sort by latest, views, or top-rated. They also have a video tab that is pretty much the exact same as the home page. They both have the same videos and sort options, so I don’t know what the fuck that is all about. The first tab on the site though is one that links over to the best site on the internet: theporndude.com. Good on you for knowing what’s up femefun!

But I know that those front pages won’t do it. You wouldn’t come to this back-alley fetish site if you didn’t have very specific tastes.

You don’t fuck around when it comes to your porn. Don’t worry, neither does this site. Head over to their categories page and start exploring to your heart's content. You can sort the categories by rating, A-Z, views, or whichever ones have the most videos. “Wife” is the one with the most, quickly followed by “Bestiality.” But they have a fuck ton of everything here. From the tame shit to the very, very untame. There’s slave play, intense gangbangs, fake rape, torture, pain, and every other depraved fetish.

Tons of Great Ways to Narrow Your Search

If you want to narrow your search even further, then you can check out their page full of video tags. There are thousands. Looking for “Sister Shaves Pussy, Horse Cumming in Girls Pussy, Human Urinal, or Drinking Cum from Glass?” Well, they’ve got all of that weird shit and so, so much more. Seriously, even I’m surprised at how much fetish porn this site has.

That’s all of the menus on the site. It’s simple and gets to the fucking point. I like that. So, let me get to my point then and talk about the videos. First off, the previews are great. You get a short-animated preview of the video before you click on it. You know just what you’re getting into, which is especially important on this site. The thumbnail might look like just a chick masturbating solo, but when you hover your cursor, she’s getting penetrated by a fucking dog!

Videos Load Incredibly Slowly

Other than the animation, the previews also tell you how long the video is, what the title is, how many views it has, when it was uploaded, and what it’s rating out of 100 percent is. But as good as the previews are, the videos themselves leave quite a bit to be desired. You get a description, audio, and full-screen options, but the videos are painfully slow to load.

It took me 20ish minutes to fully load a 6-minute video. I check other sites to make sure it wasn’t me, but nope. There is something going on here that is really killing their video speed. Hopefully, it’s not always like this, because it made it nearly impossible to watch the content. If you do get them to load, then check out their related videos tab below, because the stuff there is pretty spot on.

Great Mobile Site with Annoying Ads

The ad experience isn’t terrible for the kind of site this is, but they are worth mentioning. There are the standard banner ads and shit that play, but the annoying ones are the pretty constant redirects. For the first 10-15 clicks on the site, you will get some sort of redirect ad. The mobile site is a little less forgiving though. I got various pop-ups that tried to push notifications or make me “update flash” or some other scam. Be careful about those.

As far as the rest of the mobile experience, I was surprised to see that the mobile site is actually pretty good. It’s scaled well, and all of the site's features work as well as they did on mobile. Which is to say that the videos here are also painfully slow here. But, again, hopefully, that is not a permanent issue. If you can get past the ads and have the patience to wait for the video to load, then I definitely recommend taking this site for a spin on mobile.

Also, something to mention is that you won’t find any HD content here because it’s all amateur. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. You’ll find lots of regular porn here from some of the most popular pornstars out there. That’s not to say there isn’t a fuck ton of amateur fetish content, but you can get HD porn from studios here too.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about femefun.com, aside from the crazy fetish content, is the way they have their tags page laid out. Usually sites just kind of dump the tags in there without formatting them, so it just looks like a jumbled mess. Here everything is in big text and it’s alphabetized so you can navigate it super easily. I’m also happy to see that a free fetish site like this has a good mobile site. Usually, free sites that aren’t super big skimp out on designing a dedicated mobile version, but not femefun!

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My suggestions really come down to making the videos load quicker. I don’t always have an hour to set aside for my fap seshes. Especially for risky content like this. I can’t afford to get caught watching some farm slut get anal raped by a stallion. How the fuck would I begin to explain that? I need to be in and out quick. If that was fixed, then I could recommend this site without any sort of doubt.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you love weird shit, or want to start loving weird shit, then check out femefun.com (often misspelled as "femfun"). They’ve got one of the most impressive collections of fucked-up content that I have ever seen. Plus, somehow, it’s completely free. Usually, you have to pay for the more niche stuff like this. Take a step into the darker parts of porn and jerk off to shit you never knew existed but be warned. Once you’ve stepped over to the dark side, there’s no going back. You might find that Sasha Grey getting pounded just doesn’t do it for you anymore.



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