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I've been thinking about to what end lesbian porn is popular and is watched by both straight women and men. Well, for men it's actually easy to figure out because they are basically aroused by visual cues that emphasize youthfulness and downplay dramatic emotional display. Lesbian porn is almost like the dramatic playout of women’s emotional being almost like a symbol of what they would rather have. I can’t deny that this shit is deep as hell but most probably the hell about it that most men fantasize about being party to a pair of bitches who a doubling up in a sexual encounter which may be kind of difficult to come by.

While there are some things I haven’t quite understood about lesbian sex like; why don’t women feel insecure about this bitches as they do with straight porn actresses? Or does it mean that they are also lesbian upstairs. Also, women aren’t visual beings, but they also get to rub a number out with lesbian porn and erotica. Anyways, I wouldn’t blame them for it because this shit is sensual like over the top sensual. These lesbian bitches really know how to get down on each other as well as give even the slightest attention to each other. We all know ladies love attention, don’t we?

Now, if you love the sight of two beauties: passionately kissing on the mouth, earlobes, neck, stomach and thighs; grabbing, kissing and nibbling on each other's boobies/nipples; kissing, licking and rubbing each other’s clits while moaning in an almost perfect symphony among other nasty shit like finger fucking, strap on and scissoring, you better get your ass on daftsex.com. While the name daft which means silly absurd or preposterous might not even sound like it, this site has the most amazing of lesbian porn videos and scenes. The main catch is that it's a free site that features videos of up to 1080p from top studios like Brazzers and the like. Curious about the site? Follow my lead in the review below.


Daftsex.com a porn site that stacks quality porn of up to 1080p that are frequently refreshed. The site has been around for over 3 years now, is fast and estimated to be worth about $702537.18. While the owner is using a service to hide their identity, the site's location can be traced down to the United States. To top it up, the website is deemed popular with a ranking of 3429.

Site design and navigation

I thought the site's design was pretty basic and way too streamlined. There are literary very few buttons on the menu bar which consists of only two buttons which include; hottest, categories and pornstars. Also, I couldn’t help but notice their shield-like logo with initials D and S which is pretty much cool. The lesbian page has lots of quality and impressive thumbnails of lesbian videos with easy previews at a point of a cursor on any video. You can filter the videos to HD, duration ( long, short or any) date added or relevance.

Navigation is not going to be much of an issue especially because there is a search engine on top of the homepage that is fast and you can literary use to search for anything. There are sorting options alright, and I couldn’t help snooping into the categories section to see what other porn niches they feature besides lesbian porn which I will be focusing entirely on. There isn't too much to write about, but the diversity is a tick for me. Like who the hell hates a site that stacks porn videos featuring big tits, big ass, anal, big-dick, shemale, gay, ebony, squirt, interracial, gangbangs, feet among others? I must warn you though because there are actually a couple of redirecting links that can be a real pain in the ass.


The site focuses on exclusively porn videos and not just the ordinary porn videos but good quality porn videos of good lengths to choose from as well as pretty heated up scenes, for instance, lesbian scenes with bitches getting their mates all the way up on cloud nine. Am not kidding by the way with some scenes featuring three or a group of lesbian bitches with toys and strap-ons indoors in different rooms whether it is on the kitchen table, carpet, office, bedroom or outdoors in the garden, lawn or even playing in the goddamned woods it’s ecstatic.


All the videos are generally of good quality, but you could always choose to go for HD quality videos which are adequate by the way and frequently uploaded. Also, they seem to have been sourced from top lesbian porn producing studios like; Cherry Pimps, Reality Kings, A Girl Knows, DDF network among others. Most of the videos are of good length, and although most depending on the mother sites have no descriptions, the previews are enough to give you a good idea of the kind of nasty shit going down on the video.

While all the videos on this site are free to stream and share with your fucked up friends users don’t get to watch any of them until they have an account and become members. So, if you actually thought that the site is a scam because the videos were not playing, try signing up which is actually free and considering what you stand to enjoy. It’s actually worth it!


I rarely use the words extremely sexy and over the top in the same sentence, but it pretty much looks like the case with the lesbian scenes on daftsex.com. These bitches are different in more of a diverse nature from blondes, red hair, Latino, black-haired among others, thick with perky boobs, others with big round asses, very busty and essentially beautiful with all the right curves right where they belong. They also seem pretty nice and cool, but that might actually change once you see them prowling on each other's holes.

While some pussies are clean and shaven others are bushy that doesn’t stop these slutty whores from getting down there to lick and suck the life out of them. Am telling you from the moans you are going to think it’s some skill or something, I loved the scissoring, boobs sucking and pinching of nipples with my very best scenes being the Cumming bit whether it’s in her mouth, fingers or pussy. It's incredible, thrilling and exhilarating at the same time!


You can basically search for your favorite lesbian pornstar from the porn star's section which is stacked up with quite a number frankly. This way you can not only keep track of their latest releases but also access all their videos from one point. However, it is pretty unfortunate that the pornstars have no Bio or even a basic gallery to back their videos up.


Creating an account on daftsex.com is actually pretty simple, and you only need to fill in a user name, email and a password. While users can like videos they will only be able to watch as far as the preview and neither can they add them to their favorites.

What I love about the site

Daftsex.com is clearly one of the best porn tubes we have around, and when it comes to delivering quality lesbian porn videos, it's a matter of frequently on a daily basis. And when it comes to quality, it’s all the way to the top with videos of about 1080p as they source their videos from some of the top studios around.

Members enjoy unlimited videos streaming and sharing plus they can easily locate content on the site with the available sorting features, search engine or even the pornstar's section which lists down videos of particular pornstars together. Besides, the lesbian scenes are absolutely to die for.

What I hate about the site

First, to stream videos you'll need to be a member which we can forgive because the only other benefit of being a member is being able to favorites videos, but the lack of provision for a download option is absolutely unforgivable. The Ads and redirecting links notwithstanding.

Suggestions I have for the site

These folks should include a download option for heaven's sake because let’s face it even if not all of us are porn collectors your instinct will be to save a few in your phone to revisit even when offline. Also, regulate the advertising to make sure it doesn’t fuck users up!


I don’t know about you but am down for lesbian porn and man I love to see what these bitches have for each other, get downright naughty teasing, kissing and sucking each other's bodies. It's an absolutely thrilling experience with a no better porn tube to enjoy from other than daftsex.com.



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