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Up until very recently, I have never been a huge fan of lesbian porn. Don’t get me wrong, I was never opposed to the idea of seeing beautiful women eat each other out, finger each other’s beautiful assholes, or scissor themselves silly without any dicks there to block the sublime views, I just always struggled to see how I would fit into the fantasy. Lesbians, after all, contrary to the way the porn industry so often portrays them to be, want absolutely nothing to do with guys. So, therefore, I kind of struggled to insert myself (lol) into lesbian sex scenes.

Call me crazy, but I have always watched porn primarily because I like to pretend that these sexy sluts are worshipping my cock. Using my imagination, the cocks of the actors in the videos, then, I would simply replace it with my own. The fact that the girls were enthusiastically sucking on the cocks or riding them like it was their only purpose in life made it so much easier to bridge the gap of distance between the actual fucking playing itself out on the screen and the fantasized fucking happening behind my eyelids while I watched.

It’s not that I necessarily want to see dicks when I’m stroking my own, it’s that the actions the girls partake in with the cocks make it much easier for me to pretend that I’m doing the fucking, that it’s my cock going halfway down her throat. Recently, though, a site called Girlsway sort of, well, swayed me into appreciating lesbian porn more. There was something about the way that Girlsway presented lesbian porn situations that helped me to see that, even though I would never be invited into a three-way with two staunch lesbians in real life, maybe I could still fully enjoy lesbian sex just as much as a voyeur. And since then, like a muff dive, I’ve fully immersed myself in the wonderful world of lesbian porn and haven’t looked back.

Girlsway, however, is a premium paysite. And we don’t all have the luxury of enjoying these kinds of sites. Maybe you can’t afford them. Or maybe your wife has your balls in a jar and keeps a close watch over your finances. A mystery monthly payment, then, might be unfeasible. What are you supposed to say? ‘Don’t worry honey, I’m only spending our money to watch girls who are way hotter than you lick each other’s beautiful, young, tight pussies!’ Yeah, good luck with that one.

Luckily, though, there are plenty of free tube sites to get the job done. Some of which, obviously, are much better than others, but almost all have their own separate category for lesbian porn. It is, after all (and for good reason), one of the most popular porn niches out there. But, then again, with so many to choose from, how will you ever know which one to make your go-to? Well, today we’ll be taking a look at a free porn tube known as Porntrex. More specifically, we’ll be taking a look at Porntrex’s lesbian category.

Classic Porn Tube Design Done Right

From the moment you arrive at, you will notice that it has that typical porn tube site design to it: a bunch of thumbnails underneath a menu bar. In the case of Porntrex, though, you also have a super convenient and easy to use navigation and search filtration tab to the left of all the thumbnails, making for a quick and streamlined user experience.

In the menu bar, you will find Videos (dropdown: Latest, Top Rated, Most Views, Playlists, Tags), Categories (dropdown: the site’s most popular categories and a “show more” button), Models (dropdown: same as Categories but with, you guessed it, the site’s most popular porn stars), Community (which lets you search members by location, add friends, publish posts, and direct message people … basically an entire xxx social network in addition to an already massive free porn tube!), Channels, The Porn Dude (for obvious reasons), and Live Sex (Bonga Cams). Phew! Sorry, that was such a doozy, but Porntrex is not fucking around with the number of services and features they provide their users with—one telltale sign of a great porn site.

To the left of the gallery of thumbnails that appears when you navigate to the lesbian section of the site, you can easily toggle the videos by latest, top-rated, most viewed, playlist, or tag. You will also find a handy, easy to use list of tags should you ever want to jump ship from the lesbos to something different.

Now, this is where I think Porntrex might have missed an opportunity. Instead of giving you a list of alternate tags to check out, I think a more convenient option would have been to give you the option to further filter by tag within the category. In other words, if I’m already in the lesbian section of the site, it would have been nice if clicking “anal,” for example, were to filter through all lesbian videos to give me only those in which lesbian anal play occurs.

Am I going to lose sleep over the fact that I can’t do that? No, I have plenty of other things to keep my insomnia in full swing. It’s not necessarily inconvenient that I can’t filter videos in this way; but, at the same time, it’s one of those things that would have been really nice to have. In fact, it’s kind of how I feel about anal sex in general. I don’t need it, the pussy’s always going to be awesome, but it’s certainly always a nice option to have.

Some Cool and Unique Features to Customize Your Experience

Once in the lesbian section of the site, though, you can also quickly toggle videos by length and filter in order to be shown either all videos or just HD videos. The perfect option for the porn snob. One other really cool feature of the site is that, just above all the thumbnails, you can also choose whether you want the website to appear in day mode or night mode, which gives you a dark gray and black background so as to not blind yourself in the middle of the night when you slink off away from your sleeping wife and her dried up, child-wrecked pussy that hasn’t been kept since your honeymoon.

In addition to all of these features meant to help customize your experience at Porntrex, I was satisfied with the fact that all the thumbnails had a preview element to them. Hovering your cursor over them transforms them into a slideshow; simply move your mouse left or right to switch through a plethora of screenshots. This may seem like a basic feature. All sites do this, right? Wrong. You’d be surprised how many sites, especially free porn tube sites, neglect to offer this most basic feature to help you along with video selection.

Once you do choose a video, you’ll be brought to its own page. The media player is decent (it also provides previews when you hover over different places on the scrub bar), and there’s a good amount of information provided—all relevant tags, when the video was posted, a link to the profile of the user who posted it, how many times its been viewed, the porn stars featured in it, etc. You can also download the video, view screenshots from it, add it to your favorites (or your own customized playlists), “like” or “dislike” the video, and leave a comment on it. Above the new comment box is an option to choose a name, as well as a bank of 31 off brand emojis to incorporate in your comment, which is something you don’t see often on free porn tubes like this one.

Tons of Uncut Lesbian Action

I can’t exactly speak for the other sections of Porntrex, but another thing that impressed me about the lesbian section was how many of the videos were full-length scenes. This is very rare for a free porn tube. What is much more common is to have to sift through thousands of excerpted videos or clips, especially when you’re looking to watch smut from the pro studios. In the lesbian section of Porntrex, however, almost every video, even those from the top-tier studios, appear in full. Now, that’s a porn community I could see myself being a part of.

My only real complaint with Porntrex has more to do with the site itself than it does specifically their lesbian section. And that is the fact that they have some ads to contend with. Granted, this is far from the worst example of a porn site being infested with ads that I’ve ever seen, but any ads at all is too much, if you ask me. However, my ad block was able to zap most of them; still, a few popups got through here and there.

Other than that, though, Porntrex has a fuck ton of lesbian porn to enjoy in the middle of the night, in secret from your washed-up bitch of a wife without her ever having to suspect a thing on your credit card statement. So, head over there whenever you get the chance and get ready to sit back, unzip, and enjoy!



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