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Yes Porn Please is a website that offers thousands upon thousands of great porno videos that you can watch over and over without your getting your wallet bruised and burnt! YesPorn Please is a nice name, it's a catchy name, and above all, it's a name that will bring you great joy. However, it's a very simple page without a certain thematic going on for it. It's generic, even. However, it is obvious that a lot of effort has been put into making YesPornPlease, so obviously, a page like that definitively deserves a proper review from the one and only porn dude.

You simply can't watch all these videos in a single lifetime

What I like to see on a page is an abundance of videos. I am a guy that gets bored quickly, I have a short attention span, and when I want something, I want it as soon as possible. It makes sense, right? You are like that yourself, probably. Especially when it comes to things like porn. So, it's best to supply people like us with loads of porn so that we don't go on a homicidal rampage. 

Just kidding, none of us will go around shooting people randomly for ticking them off. We'll leave mass shootings to Americans. So, there are over ten thousand movies for you to watch in here, and I say that's enough for the average man (and woman), right? I mean, most of you could beat your meat to five videos in a single day. At best. So yeah, you do your math and see for yourself. You'll die before you manage to masturbate to all of these videos.

Loads of categories

So, us folks who enjoy watching lots and lots of porn, we're a different breed, okay? We don't settle for one genre of porn. We like to watch a lot of different things. We like watching porn that has threesomes, whether they are MMF or MFF, we like checking out reality porn, porn where people do it in the outdoors for everyone to see, vintage porn that your dad probably jerked off to. 

We pay respect to the culture, you know what I mean? So, in order for us not to get bored, you need to get your website a lot of categories, and luckily enough, has tons of categories. So, whether it be Hentai, Lesbian porn, videos of Black girls fucking white dudes, videos of European girls getting drilled by folks from all around the world or videos of teens getting drilled by older men, you get it here. has you covered. 43 categories exist here, which is great. Is that enough for you? 

I bet it is since it works for me. However, if you are one of those freaks who get hard when they see a person taking a dump and something like that, you will have to move on to a completely different website. Sorry, this just isn't a place that welcomes such people. However, plenty of other websites will take you in with open arms where you jerk off to your fucked up porn. Freak.

A player made in heaven

I don't see people talk about how great players can be on some websites, like on PornTrex, which is pretty god damn weird. These folks create a player that buffers videos quick in a great quality, they make your porn HD, and you people just don't talk about it, which is horrible. These things only used to be available on websites that required you to pay up a stupid amount of money, but now you have them in here as well, and you don't have to pay the people at Yes Porn Please a single dollar. 

So, the player is neat, is buffers videos real quick, and it plays them in a decent quality. However, this comes with a little price. You will get a bunch of ads slapping your face once in a while, which is pretty bad, but it isn't bad enough to ruin your viewing experience. For example, when you try to play a video, you will be bombarded with a bunch of ads, but sometimes you get only one ad. Also, I noticed that whenever you try to rewind through the video, you don't get any "additional" ads. So, the page doesn't bother you that much, and your viewing experience is pretty good after you manage to get the video going.

A "clean" design

The design of the page is very basic, and it is very, very simple. Some people would say that something like that bothers them, but it doesn't bother me too much. Basically, make sure that I can easily get my porn and make sure that I can get it real quick and I won't even notice the design of the page. That's what men in heat are like, and that's what girls are like, as well. We just want the porn. The page is basically one big black background on top of which you get thumbnails scattered all over the place. 

Now, when it comes to the thumbnails, a nice thing regarding them would be the fact that when you hover over a thumbnail with your cursor, the video will start playing, but it will play in that little square. You get to see the best moments of the video, which is quite nice. This feature makes sure that you don't waste your time watching a video that you don't even like. You know, sometimes you just rewind through a video hoping that decent scene comes up, but it just doesn't, and that's pretty annoying.

The features

The features of this page aren't too great. I mean, the page is very basic, and it's very simple. You get three tabs and an option to upload videos to the page, and that's it. We've been talking about the first tab, which is the home page (also known as the "videos" header tab") for quite a while, so we'll make sure that we mention the other two. First off, there is the Subscriptions tab, and this one doesn't have much going on for it, honestly. Basically, if you're curious enough to click on this tab, you will be redirected to the account creation page, and this is where you get the info on what happens if you create an account. The perks and stuff like that.

So, it's actually worth creating an account on this website?

PornHub will often try to bait you into creating an account for some reason with a "Free week" used as the bait. Everyone wants a free week to watch premium porn on Pornhub, but no one bothers to make an account since there are no actual benefits, you would only end up wasting your time while doing something like that. However, creating an account on is not a waste of time. Not at all. You get a few benefits, such as the ability to create playlists and to subscribe to certain channels. 

However, you can also play games, upload your media, write blogs, make friends and post comments. You may also favorite certain videos. Creating an account is very simple, and it is also completely free. It's free like everything else on the website, which is a great thing. ThePornDude likes free porn, which is a fact that is well-known. So, if you are one of those rich kids who love spending their money on pornography, then go ahead, leave and head for some other website if you want to be proud of the fact that you've seen some exclusive pornography that most people can't see., just like YourPorn is out here to provide for the underdogs.

A great experience for the average man.woman

While there are some flaws with the website (even though I do not mind the simplicity it has, I am not really in love with it), the overall experience is still quite enjoyable. It's free HD porn, the movies last around 30 minutes for the most part, so it gets the job done if you know what I mean. You don't get too many ads smacked in your face, but you still get to cum, and you should thank for doing that.



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