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In the sea of JAV porn sites, it’s pretty easy to get lost if you don’t have something unique about yourself. HP JAV does a few things right which set it apart from the rest, but it also gets on my nerves for reasons we’ll see in this review. So, if you’re feeling frisky and your bland rice ball is staring at you and begging you to put some sriracha on it, don’t be such a prude and let a few drops in as you dive into the sexy world of HPJav.tv.

Minimal junk, functional design

Right off the bat, the design is superb. The guys that made HPJAV knew what they were doing, and they made a really beautiful presentation here. All of the tabs are in their proper place, and the layout is on point. Not only that, but the colors really work well together, and I don’t say that very often when sites use pink as one of their accent colors. However, HP JAV found a way to make it work, and this minimalist and functional design works wonders for this website.

The iconic Asian porn posters are back and they’re ugly as always

So, what does this website offer us? Well, like any other JAV porn website, we’ll see the usual poster style thumbnails which you already know I hate. I really hate these posters from the bottom of my heart. They’re a designer’s worst nightmare, just look at them. I honestly don’t understand what the point of having such a shitty poster is, and why Asian people think that this is a good idea, to begin with. Wouldn’t it be better to simply take one shot out of the porn video and use it as a thumbnail? This isn’t exclusive to HPJav.tv, this is every JAV site that I’ve ever seen!

Come on guys, I seriously don’t get the thought process here. Did you think “Hey, I have an amazing idea, how about we cram as much tiny letters and images into a thumbnail so that nobody can guess what the video is about”? If so, then congratulations, you managed to do just that. Not only confusing but ugly as well, these posters serve as a warning to the rest of the world about the effects of radiation from nuclear bomb detonations. Yes, I went there, the thumbnails are just THAT bad.

An Uncensored section to make up for that thumbnail design

It’s not all horrible though, as the Uncensored part of the website features normal thumbnails that you’d see on any other porn site. I guess this section is geared more towards the western audience who don’t like seeing two blurs colliding and calling that porn. But I guess if you want the authentic Asian vibe, then you have to go along with the blurred pussies and penises because that really shows you that the porn is genuine.

The videos in the Uncensored section are just great. You’ve got some amazing videos here that are going to send blood rushing down to your dick faster than you can say Konnichiwa, but you’ve also got some not so great videos that are going to make you want to nuke those suckers for the third time or nuke yourself, or both. I really have to stop it with the nuke references. But as I said, most of the videos in this section are awesome, so I’ll look over the few outliers.

I didn’t really talk about the Censored section since that’s most of the site. That’s where most of those god-awful posters come from. But there’s another section here which might appeal to people and that’s the Amateur section. Now, HPJav.tv is no stranger to both professionally made porn as well as amateur porn, so you’ll have to decide for yourself what you want to watch. Are you more into the high production stuff, or do you like seeing amateurs fumbling their way to making a sex tape?

More videos than you can ever hope to watch

The video count on HP Jav is insane as well. You’ve got almost 7000 amateur videos, over 11000 uncensored ones, and nearly a whopping 30000 censored porn videos. With so much porno to go through, you’ll probably end up going out of your weeb phase by the time you’re done with just 1% of the videos. On top of all that, seeing as how there are just so many videos here, you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste.

Those damn ads waiting for you around every corner

Alright, so the videos are great and all, but what was that thing I mentioned at the beginning where I said that the site gets on my nerves? No, it’s not the posters, though that part really does get me going. No, it’s actually the ads. This place is littered with them. Whenever you click on any link or any part of the site, you get an ad popping up in your face and it’s not just annoying, it’s hindering. I can’t simply watch my porn without having to go through like 5 different pop-up ads.

The ads don’t just hibernate on the main homepage. When you actually go to a video and try to use the video player to start it, you’ll have to click on it three times to get it working! This is because the first two times you’ll get ads. And this is with AdBlock turned on. But don’t worry, these guys thought of that too, so even when you get through all the ads, they will refuse to play the video since you need to disable adblocker in order for that to be allowed. That’s grade-A bullshit right there.

I guess if you’re okay with wrestling with ads all day long just in order to watch a porn video, then this place is amazing. They do have some phenomenal videos here, but the damn ads get in the way of me ever enjoying them and that really pisses me off. But I guess you can’t have it all. Besides, other JAV porn sites sometimes have an even worse ad system in place. So, at the end of the day, we just have to deal with it if we want to have a good time with some sexy Asian porn.

Search bar, Categories, plenty of ways to find the perfect video

The site does have features that let you navigate it easily and without any trouble. The Search bar is there to help you out whenever you need it. So is the Category tab which features so many different genres and tags. I don’t even know what half of these are if I am to be completely honest with you. But, I’m guessing a trained eye in the Japanese porn niche will know what they’re looking for when they see this long list of categories that are put on display on HPJav.tv.

Some of the hottest Japanese models in the entire porn industry

Now, the Models tab. This place is just crawling with some of the hottest Japanese babes that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They go from adorable and cute, to foxy and hot. Every type of girl that you can possibly imagine is here, and they’re all stars of some really good porn. One thing though, what is it with Japanese chicks and bangs. I guess they all just like hair falling down their face? I mean they get it cut and all that but still, I’ve only seen a few models without them.

So, overall, with all these sexy models on HPJav.tv starring in some of the best JAV porn out there, the only reason why you’d be dissuaded from checking this place out is the ads. Now I completely understand that, as I can’t stand them either. But, if you give this place a chance, I think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised (once you’re done battling it out with all those pop-up ads that is). Maybe they’ll clean their website up a bit in the future in which case they’ll be one of the best in my opinion.