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At Jav Finder (javfast), you'll find Japanese Adult Videos or JAV for short. It's some of the best and craziest porn out there. Seriously, if you thought their gameshows were wild then you need to take a dive into the kinky world of JAV. Maids, incest, (fake) molestation, tentacles, time-stop, you name it and JAV has it. You can discover all sorts of new kinks and fetishes that you would have never seen by sticking to the same old Western porn. These girls put their all into it, too. Smiles all the way, cute high-pitched moans, and so, so sexy.

Jav Finder is just the site for all of your kinky Asian fantasies. Full-length movies. HD vids, and much, much more. I couldn’t tell you why it’s a Russian domain for a JAV site, but whatever. Apparently, they used to have other domains like .me or .media, but they no longer work. So, you’re stuck with .ru. I hope your ISP allows it!

The first thing I saw on the site was a cute little message apologizing for the ads on the site. Yeah, they’re going to have to do more than apologize for the absolute mess of a user experience that these ads create. Maybe send one of those Japanese girls over and we could work something out, but otherwise, it’s fucking awful. Big animated banners on the sides of the webpage. If you try and click the little ‘x’ button it just redirects you to something else.

Then there are the pop-up ads. Every time you click somewhere you get redirected to some sketchy looking porn site or game. But wait, there’s even more bullshit! When you finally get to a video it plays an ad before it, then when you click skip, it plays another ad, and then when you hit play you get a pop-up. Oh, and there are even ads periodically throughout the video! Mother fucker, just thinking about it pisses me off. My first experience on the site shouldn’t be a bombardment of bullshit.

I would expect some ads like usual on free porn tubes. At least let me browse your site. It took me a few minutes just to get to something I could actually watch. Even AdBlock stood no chance against the pop-ups. They just kept coming! Christ, okay. Let’s leave the ads on the backburner for now. You know they suck. I know they suck. We have to move on and leave it in the past. Like that ex who was super annoying but also 10/10 in bed. Just don’t forget how much they sucked to be around.

Decent Site Layout, Uncensored and Censored JAV Porn

The site layout is nice. The front page is a plain black background with HD spreads of all of their movies as thumbnails. It’s organized by JAV censored first with uncensored and HD movies towards the bottom of the page. Do yourself a favor and check out the uncensored shit. I don’t know how people get off to a blurry pussy. Sure, it’s vaguely sexual, but if I wanted to use my imagination I wouldn’t be watching porn, now would I?

The censored and uncensored sections are mostly full-length JAV films. We’re talking over 1-2 hours long for most cases. It’s a lot, but it’s all so, so fucking good. Most Bukkake scenes on other porn sites are just stitched together shots from long movies like this. You get the whole fucking thing. Every single minute of sexy cum shots, fucks, handjobs, masturbation, and every moment in between. If you’re feeling daring and have enough space, you can download every single one of these HD movies. Talk about a massive spank bank of material.

The HD porn sections down below are your more traditional porn videos. 10-20 minutes long scenes from movies and such. I like those better personally. I don’t always have time to sit down and crank one out for two hours. But it’s up to you. To each their own, right?

Lots of Niche Categories for Every JAV-related Kink

Speaking of which, everyone can definitely find something to their liking here. Javfinder.ru aka Javfinder.is has an extensive categories page that covers all kinds of shit that even I didn’t know there were specific genres for. Things like bus guide, fighting action, hot springs, kimonos, and hidden cams are all their own categories with tons of content to choose from for each. I checked out the fighting action page, and who knew that watching a couple of Asian chicks fight in the ring and the fuck was so fucking hot? Probably everyone, but still. I’d never seen a category for it before this.

If you’re familiar with JAV porn studios or want to check out specific JAV pornstars, then the site has pages for that as well. Most of the pornstars have preview pics of themselves so you know what they look like, but a good few don’t. When you click on one of their pics it takes you to a profile page where you can find out what videos they have been in. It’s all alphabetical to start, but you can change to most popular, which I find more useful. I want to watch the very best Asian sluts.

For more JAV sites, you can click a link they have in the page that will take you over to the best site for finding porn. Mine! That’s right, they’ve got an in-site link to theporndude.com. Bonus points for you javfinder!

Then, there is a JAV Cams tab that will take you to a site called sakuralive.com, which has a bunch of, you guessed it, Japanese cam girls. It looks decent enough. The final option is a button with a heart next to it that says, “Request Movie.” Like other JAV sites, this seems to do nothing except display pop-up ads or go to a blank page. I swear it's some sort of conspiracy to confuse me. One day a JAV site will have one of those buttons that actually does something. One day.

Shitty Mobile Experience

The mobile experience blows. Yeah, okay, the site interface works fine. The videos load quickly and play without issue, but the ads. Let’s take those off that backburner again. Fuck I didn’t think the experience could be any worse, but then I tried to navigate it on my phone. Pop-up, pop-up, pop-up. I was on there for just a couple minutes and it tried multiple times to push notifications and download something onto my device. It’s pretty much unusable on mobile. I wouldn’t even risk it. I closed out that tab faster than a horny teenager closing out PornHub when their mom knocks on their bedroom door.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

But there is some redemption here with the content. My favorite feature of the site is the overwhelming collection of full-length HD vids. I can’t argue with how great that is, even if it might be on the less than legal side of things. You get all of this for free and you don’t have to make an account. Though I highly recommend blocking the ads in some way if you plan to use the site at all.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I’m sure you can tell what my suggestions are going to be, but I’m going to say it anyway. Fuck the ads. Get rid of 50 percent of them and you might have a usable site. The apology just does not cut it. At the very least I’m happy that they aren’t one of those sites that blocks AdBlockers. You still get access to everything with a blocker.

Aside from the ads, I’d like to see every model on the site have a preview image. It’s nice that some do, but even a section of the most popular stars don’t have one. How are people supposed to know that Nagai Mihina has one of the nicest, plumpest asses in the industry if you don’t have any pictures of her showing it off?

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s an okay site. If you want full-length JAV movies for free, then a site like this is probably your best bet. They do the content right here. Great JAV pornstars, vids, and flicks. If you’re willing to look past or block the atrocious ad experience, then you just might have a very good time here. So, check out the schoolgirls, cum sluts, maids, and more at Javfinder.ru! I’m sure you’ll find just about anything that you could be looking for.