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Today, we're beating the meat at Jav Bangers aka JavWhores aka Jav Tasty! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the Japanese know how to make really fucking good porn. It’s weird, it’s hot, and nobody does it like them. But then again, how could you make bad porn when your entire country is filled with smoking hot dime pieces? Seriously, it’s not even just their pornstars. These babes are everywhere and are skinny, have perfectly nice small tits, and are pretty much guaranteed to have the most grabbable asses.

You know what I’m talking about. JAV porn. If you close your eyes and think of JAV porn it kind of works like a seashell. Focus enough and you’ll hear the sexy moans of Japanese girls crying Cum in me Senpai!! No? Well, if you start watching as much JAV as I do, you’ll gain this power eventually, trust me. But I’m not just talking about the glorious genre of JAV as a whole, I’m talking about one specific site called Javwhores.com.

JavWhores.com aka javtasty.com is pretty new to the game. They popped up around mid-2017 under the PornTrex network. But they have come out of the gates sprinting, because they are scoring just about 9 million site views every month for the last six months. Shows what a reliable network can do for your site! But just how good is this new site dedicated to JAV porn? They have a ton of competition out there, so let’s see how this newcomer stacks up to the giants.

Nothing Special in Terms of Site Design, but Lots of Ways to Search

When you first visit the site, you are greeted with a pretty standard layout as far as porn sites go. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not going to win any points for being innovative. It’s like getting back with your ex after having had sex with that super flexible gymnast slut. Sure, your ex gets the job done, but she can’t wrap her legs around her head and let you fuck her while holding her in the air. The layout is like that ex. It’s a plain white background with black boxed thumbnails that stretch across the entire page. It gets the job done.

The page is initially organized by videos that other horny fucks are out there watching right now, and you can’t really change that sorting on the front page. That’s not a big deal, because you can hop over to the Videos tab and sort by latest, top-rated, most viewed, playlists, or tags. The first three options are your standard kind of selections, but the last two are pretty interesting. Playlists lets you check out user-made playlists of all kinds of sexy porn videos. They usually follow some sort of theme like “amateur, tattoo, big tits” so you can settle down to a long jerk sesh without having to find your own videos, if you can find a playlist with a topic you like.

The tags page is just a master list of every tag on a video ever. You might find something good to explore here, but good luck. A lot of this shit is in Japanese or some other sort of Asian language. I know I don’t have time to be translating when I’m getting down to some JAV, so click those tags at your own risk. You never know what kind of weird shit you might get.

If you don’t see a playlist or tag to your liking, then you’ll probably want to head on over to the categories page. Here you get some nice HD pics as previews for each category, how many videos are in that category, and what the overall rating is. The rating comes from individual ratings of each video in that section. I’ve never seen that sort of system before, but I guess it is kind of neat.

Same with the fact that you can organize the categories alphabetically, by overall rating, number of videos, and most viewed. I’d never really thought that a categories page would need a sorting system like that, but I will admit that it’s not a bad way to do it. It might make more of a difference if there were more than 30 or so categories.

Excellent HD Videos and Porn Galleries

When you finally find a video that fits all of your sick fetishes, then the first thing you’ll likely notice is the thumbnail. It has all of the basic info you would expect: title, views, length, rating, HD or not, and upload date. The previews themselves aren’t anything too special. They flip between two images when you hover your cursor, which is a little better than just having them be static images.

This is where you will start experiencing some annoying redirect ads. The first few videos you watch will constantly take you to other sites, but I found that it stops after a while. Aside from those ads, you will also get some around the video and such, but nothing too annoying. The videos themselves play quickly and you can toggle the quality of any of the HD vids, which is a pretty big portion, up to 1080p. Now we’re talking! You can also view screenshots from the video, favorite it, add it to your playlist, comment on it, or download the entire thing for free in whatever quality you like.

But this site doesn’t just do videos. They also have an album page dedicated to sexy amateur and professional JAV models. This is organized the same way most photo galleries are, so there’s not much to dig into here. There’s a ton of content and it’s all fucking great. One thing worth noting is that the galleries marked with a lock and “private” aren’t actually private. I was able to click on albums that were supposedly not meant for my eyes!

Models Page is a Hidden Gem!

The site also has a models page, but you’d never know it was there unless you were looking for it. You can either get to it by going to the very bottom of the categories page or by making an account and hovering over your account name for a drop-down menu that includes a models page. I don’t see why they hide it, because it’s a pretty fucking great models page. It has a full picture of the model, more info about them when you click through, and then all of their videos. You can also see the average rating for each individual model based on all of the ratings for the videos they have been in.

The mobile site is pretty well done here. Videos load up fast and you can navigate everywhere easily. My only small complaint is that the mobile pop-ups linger just a little bit longer than the desktop ones. And they try and push allowing notifications. It was annoying, but those went away after some browsing there as well.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about Javwhores.com has got to be the ability to make and curate your own porn playlists, as well as view other ones that have been made by users. It makes having an account useful, and you can make a playlist of videos that get you fucking diamonds. Never again will you lose that favorite video or album. Just load up that playlist and cum to it again and again!

A minor feature that I thought was pretty fucking cool was the fact that albums and videos have their own separate categories. Usually you’re left to wander in the dark and hope you can find something to your tastes, but here you can sort through the user uploaded albums just as easily as the professional videos.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

I don’t have too many complaints about this site. Yeah, they don’t have any flashy gimmicks or crazy features, but, overall, it’s a decent site. The ads can be annoying, and they could do to make certain pages more visible, but all of my complaints are pretty minor. It’s a damn solid JAV porn site.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Head on down to Javwhores.com. If you like squealing schoolgirls, petite Japanese sluts, or anything else JAV, then you’ll dig this site as much as I did. They have free HD content, a decent selection of categories (including uncensored porn), amateur albums, and much more!