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Are you weebs ready for some enlightenment at V JAV? Cause guess what? All those little drawings that you jerk off to, they aren’t a representation of actual Asian people. Yeah, what a shocker, am I right? But don’t worry, today we’re taking a look at VJav.com so that you can experience some proper Asian broads and take a look at how these tight Asian pussies get it done in real life. Put your learning hats on for this one.

Weeb or not, you’ll find your place here

Not everyone looking for an Asian porn site is a complete dunce like weebs are, so if you’re one of those people who are simply men of culture, I welcome you with the utmost respect to the review of VJav.com. We all know how hot this porn can be, especially the whole vibe that it gives off since these things are a bit more taboo in that part of the world. I mean, the people there are so skittish that the government had to censor all the penises from porn! That’s some next-level video editing job creation right there.

No, I’m serious, think about it for a second. Think about how many jobs were created for video editors just because they need someone to censor all the dicks in the porn industry. Cause guess what, that’s a lot of videos that need censoring, so you’re going to need a lot of people putting in the work, putting in those hours to get it done. If anything, it was great for the economy since it encouraged a more dynamic workplace environment for sites such as V Jav filled with both wild and sexy pornstars, and nerdy video editors.

An insane number of porn videos for a niche site

But let’s concentrate on VJav.com exclusively for a moment here and see what it has to offer us. Well, for one, there are hundreds of thousands of videos on here. I mean, the Japanese category alone has almost a hundred thousand videos, which is pretty insane when you think about it. I mean, some porn tubes don’t reach those numbers even when they don’t abide by a certain ethnic niche. VJav.com does though, so you’ll only find free Asian porn on this site.

A basic, but snappy design

What about the design? Well, it’s pretty basic, but it functions well and without any hiccups. You can expect it to run smoothly no matter what. There’s nothing flashy about it and it won’t blow you away that’s for sure, but it’ll get the job done without anything breaking in the process. You’re always just one or two clicks away from a porn video that suits your exact taste so that’s an amazing feat by itself. The layout is pretty good too with the standard tabs at the top and no clutter anywhere else.

Now that I think about it, that’s an important pro of VJav. It has pretty much zero clutter, so it sports a pretty clean and slick design. The colors help this, as it’s darker than most sites, which is always a plus in my book. There’s nothing I hate more than light-themed porn sites burning my eye sockets at 2 AM. This color scheme is a welcome one as I enjoy how easy it goes on your eyes. The site does get a bit more information via a right-hand side tab when you make a search but this is to aid you in your pursuit of the perfect porn video, and nothing else.

Functional tabs to get you where you’re going

Unfortunately for me, this site has a Home tab and we won’t talk about that. The next tab is the Latest tab, where you can check up on some of the newest and hottest Asian porn videos. VJav.com really made sure to bring you the freshest head whenever you visit this tab as you’ll be presented with the newest uploads site-wide so that you never miss a video. Though you’d have to be pretty hardcore in order to watch every new video that gets on the site since they get so many uploads every hour. You can also sort the latest videos according to their length.

Next up in the tabs is the Top Rated section where you’ll find some of the sexiest videos on the entire site. Vjav.com really presents you with some of the best videos in this section as they give you the best of all time as the default setting. You can change the time frame if you so wish but why would you do that when you’re literally getting some of the sexiest videos on the goddamn planet. They’re basically handpicked for you and presented to you on a plate, don’t screw it up!

Most Viewed is another popular section to browse through. Usually, people who prefer this section go by the rule of, if it’s that popular then there must be something good about it. Personally, I don’t think that’s the case since people are usually idiots and don’t know what’s good for them. That’s why people like me exist to tell people like that what’s good for them. But anyway, all jokes aside, this tab really has some amazing videos, and you can also set the filter on them according to the time frame which you’re referring to.

Slow internet? VJav has your back with albums

Now, what about Albums? Well, for all of you that have snail internet, this place serves as the perfect wank spot as you’re presented with hundreds upon thousands of albums which are full of images to jerk off to. These albums are mostly amateurish though there are also professionally made ones. Also, since this is not a video section, you can expect a high resolution in many of the albums and photos that you look at. I guess there’s something good out of looking at static images all day. And you also save on the internet bill.

The filter system here is a bit cooler since you get to sort these albums either by how popular they are, or how new they are, or if they’re top-rated, or most favorited, or even most commented on. It’s pretty in-depth so you should definitely play around with the settings for a little bit in order to see just how much you can get out of VJav.com. You can only have something to gain since you don’t really have anything to lose if you’re a completely free member without an account even.

Niche categories, and amazing models, it’s all here

Categories are all standard as on other porn tube sites, though they all carry with them the Asian niche that the site is so popular for. VJav.com presents you with the hottest videos in every category, but what thing holds true throughout every category, and that’s the fact that we’re looking at some of the hottest and exclusively Asian babes in the porn industry. VJav.com did a really good job with staying true to their niche as none of the content I’ve seen strays away from the intentions of the website.

The Models and Community tabs are also here and they’re pretty standard as you’d expect from a porn site. Of course, these places are also Asian themed, so you’ll find exclusively Asian models here. You can sort them in many different ways. There are so many filters to play within the Models tab that it’s pretty ridiculous. There are probably more filters here than in all other tabs combined. You can really go into detail with what you want your dream Asian porn model to look like.

Overall, VJav.com is a great site for all you fans of hot Asian porn videos. Not only are they free, but they really keep ties with the niche they’re representing. And with so many ways to traverse the site and see all the amazing videos on it, you can be sure that you’ll never run out of content to watch. You should definitely check VJav.com out today.