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Ladyboy Gold! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Tonight’s sexual entertainment is full of beautiful ladies, and uh, hot boys? Sorry, no. I’m still a little fuzzy from all the Everclear and Cialis last night. LadyboyGold is a premium site that doesn’t specialize in ladies or boys, at least not in the traditional sense. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that to somebody browsing my list of shemale sites, though.

LadyboyGold claims to be the number-one reviewed TS site in the world, but honestly? I think The Porn Dude will be the judge of that. They do get about a million visits a month, so they’ve obviously got some good shit on the menu. Let’s find out if it’s worth your money, or if you’re better off saving for a throw with a local tranny escort.

Hot Chicks with Giant Dicks

The typical porn paysite formula is to hook you with a bunch of big, high-res images and sample clips of beautiful, naked porn stars getting violated in their various tight holes. Once you’re all hard and dripping, then they throw some hard numbers at you so you know what you’re actually buying.

LadyboyGold has been around since 2007 and updates four times a week, which means they’ve had more than a decade to build their catalog of hardcore pornography starring gorgeous chicks with dicks. You’d better believe they want you to know about that monster collection of monster-cocked bitches. As shemales with semen on their faces and boners up their buttholes flash by the screen, the site lays out some raw statistics.

A membership earns you access to almost 3000 exclusive shemale movies and nearly as many photo sets, a thousand ladyboy models, and hundreds of bonus videos. Members also get a bunch of bonus sites, a discussion forum, a hotspot guide, candid ladyboys, and even contact info in case you want to hit up one of these beautiful trannies. Who knows? Maybe if you talk some really good game and have fat pockets you can have a beautiful woman swinging her penis in your face.

The trannies on display here are certainly some top-shelf pieces of ass, at least if you’re into girls with wieners bigger than yours. These ain’t the ugly dudes with wigs and dresses that you run into at the grocery store. Fuck, you’d never guess any of these girls are packing unless they actually whipped it out.

The preview for the newest clip, Bareback Entry Sticky Pop, stars a gorgeous young Asian slurping on a hard knob. That one was added today, a couple of days ago it was a chick with small tits and a nice-sized member that she strokes as she gets banged up her ass. It’s been a good week, really, with plenty of stroking, face sitting, cumshots, butt plugs and gaping.

You like rice with your eggroll, right? While I do see some white shemales, Latinas and exotic mixed trannies, the dominant TS flavor here is Asian. That makes sense. Terms like shemale, tranny, trap and chick-with-dick are all used interchangeably, but ladyboy is often used to refer specifically to Asian transgendered hotties.

I’ve Got a Yellow Fever, and There’s Only One Cure

A month of stroking your junk while watching bitches do the same exact thing will run you about 30 USD at LadyboyGold. They don’t have a yearly membership that breaks down into a really low rate like most premium sites, but they do offer a 90-day membership for a few bucks off. It’s not the greatest deal, but I usually expect them to really gouge you on the price for any kind of niche content. It could be worse.

Once you get logged in, you see the same new thumbnails you did on the landing page, only now they lead to 4K ultra-HD movies of trannies playing with jizz, eating it and getting stuffed in their mouths and buttholes. I’ve seen big tranny sites that mostly focus on solo shows of girls jacking their dicks off, but the action here is all hardcore, all the time.

The movie names here aren’t clever double entendres or plays on Hollywood titles. They’re strings of obscenities that make even this Porn Dude proud. You know exactly what to expect when you watch a movie called Buttplug and Facial Bareback 4K, or one called Toys Bareback and Sperm Lube Cum. Kinky Piss Tasting Extreme Stretched Creampie 4K will never be mistaken for a G-rated movie about a wholesome charity bake-off.

These Trannies Are Sure Some Dirty Girls

If you spend time browsing my list of Premium Shemale Sites, you already know I really prefer bitches with a twat between their legs. There’s nothing sadder to me than meeting an absolute freak who wants me to pound her raw dog and fill her with my seed, only to find out she doesn’t have a wet muff for me to get down on. That said, I know there’s at least one thing we can agree on: the filthier, the more perverted and depraved, the better.

LadyboyGold has you covered, you fucking freak. I pulled up that Kinky Piss Tasting movie and hit the Play button. The logo on the screen told me this was from another of LadyboyGold’s Shemale porn sites included in the membership, Ladyboys Fucked Bareback. I was treated to a few photos of an exotic TS babe posing in tiny jean cutoff shorts in a hotel room. Everything is all feminine and sexy as hell until the last photo when the dong flops out. Oops! I guess that’s what you’re here for, though, isn’t it?

I had some slow page loading earlier as I browsed the site, which I hoped wouldn’t affect my video streaming. Unfortunately, the video took a long pause just as it started. Our TS talent is introduced to a string of metal anal beads, which she just stared at on the bed while the video buffered. I paused the scene and walked away for a little while to let it load.

Load Times and Waiting to Blow a Load

The scene played alright when I came back, at least as long as I didn’t fuck with the timeline slider. Every time I did touch it, I’d get a spinning Load icon as the scene paused on anal penetration, vacuum-like blowjob abilities, and a beautiful, kinky footjob. When the scene would resume, it would usually pause for more extended buffering a few seconds later.

The buffering was bad enough that I ran an Internet speed test to make sure my own connection wasn’t fucked up. Turns out I’m just fine, so the problem is definitely on their end. I’m checking this site out on a Tuesday morning, far from peak porn viewing hours. That’s a pretty fucking bad sign when I can’t even watch a ladyboy golden showers movie before lunch.

The list of Category tags beside the video includes all kinds of fun stuff like Handjob, Rimming and Gaping, but the buffering issues prevented me from finding any of it. It’s a good thing downloads are included with your membership, because you simply can’t jump around in the video if you’re watching the streaming version.

It’s possible I just visited LadyboyGold while they were having technical difficulties or something. They get a lot more traffic than I would expect from a porn site that’s basically fucking broken. Streaming videos are the very most basic feature of any porn site in 2019, premium or not. If you’re shelling out money to watch TS sluts tossing salad and guzzling sperm, you should at least earn the convenience of, I don’t know, being able to watch those goddamn movies whenever you want. That’s the deal on literally every Internet collection of fuck flicks.

Given the fact that LadyboyGold is missing the most basic feature of any paysite, it’s hard to recommend to even the most thirsty of tranny enthusiast. They’ve got a hell of a collection in terms of size and sheer tranny perversion, but you absolutely will spend a lot more time just dialing in the right material than you would on literally any other premium Shemale site. seems like it has a lot to offer, but only if they can serve it up with the proper bandwidth for their audience size.