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Hey there, fruitcake. Not sure what kind of sex movies you want to watch tonight while you polish the ol’ pole? I won’t judge you if you’d like to see some beautiful women, but also have a hankering for some penis. In fact, I might point you towards

This is a tranny paysite, so turn around and head back to the free tubes if you can’t afford to pay to cum. If a premium ladyboy masturbatory experience is what you’re after, you may have just arrived home. Let’s take a look at what these freak have on offer.

Trannies Getting Sensual on XXX Video

TransSensual’s only been building a following of horny she-male lovers since they hit the Internet in 2014. They’re still very much a young site, but you probably wouldn’t guess that from looking at their landing page. Holy shit, this is some slick-ass tranny porn.

Seriously, if you stripped the layout of all the naked flesh, the dirty sex, and lurid images of chicks with dicks, Trans Sensual would look like some luxury site aimed at rich people. The site logo is an elegant TS monogram rather than, say, a cartoon pair of tits attached to a dick. The light text on the black background is so clean and refined it almost doesn’t fit a porn site.

The net effect is one of class. Yeah, you’ll be beating your meat to videos of trannies sucking each other off, but you’ll be doing it in a Maserati, sipping Dom Perignon with a Gucci butt-plug wedged deep inside your rectal cavity. Or, you know, that creepy masturbation box you built in your mom’s basement. I said the site looks classy; that’s no reflection on you, pervert.

Let’s talk about the previews. There’s a big video montage playing at the top of the page when you pull up TransSensual. There are trannies making out, sucking-dick, getting pounded up the butthole and having their own asses eaten out.

Preview images of the Latest TransSensual scenes are also available. The chicks on this site are hot enough that the thumbnails without dick look like regular, straight, vanilla porno. Sure, the blonde in My TS Stepsister #02 has her cock and boobs out, so she’s clearly a tranny, but the Hotter Than Hot pic looks like a straight couple getting it on. I don’t see her schlong until I hover over the image for a moving preview.

Everything looks crisp and professional, so I’m not that surprised when the sign-up page tells me they’re working with Nica Noelle, Trans Director of the Year 2017. It’s presented in laurel leaves so it looks really official, but doesn’t say who gave the award. It seemed fishy and made-up, so I Googled her. I’m not sure why they left it out, but Xbiz bestowed her the award. AVN nominated her for the same back in 2010.

If you’re looking for more info on the site, they have a much more extensive About page than almost any other porn site you’ve ever seen. It goes on about their mission to deliver hot, story-driven tranny porn with big names like Jessy Dubai, Sunday Valentina, and Aubrey Kate.

TransSensual is also really woke. This is a tranny site that has a little blurb saying it’s okay if you want to use words like tranny, shemale, lady and tgirl, but they’re only going to use trans-positive terms like trans, transgender, and TS.

Stuck in the Middle with Boobs

During my visit, there was a special offer to get access for just $7.50 a month for life, billed in one payment of $89.95. I know what you’re thinking and I’m right with you. Thanks for the offer, TransSensual, but I do hope to live longer than a goddamn year.

I browse like a hesitant porn shopper when I’m reviewing a site, going back and forth from the landing page to the sign-up page trying to figure out if it’s worth it. TransSensual noticed me doing that, so I got a phony “chat” pop-up offering me up to 50% off. YMMV.

The regular, unlimited streaming and download package will run you about $30 if you’re getting a month at a time without a special deal. That’s the standard rate for any porn paysite, only you’re getting a really sleek tranny site. If you don’t download because you don’t want the wife to learn about your appreciation for cock, you can save a few bucks with the Streaming Only membership.

TransSexual updates roughly once a week, give or take a day or two. It’s a lot less than most of us masturbate, but it’s a reasonable amount of new porn, especially if it’s high quality, exclusive, and just the thing you’re looking for. You still want chicks with dicks, right?

The archive runs a couple of hundred tranny movies deep, which is pretty respectable for a site that’s only a few years old. Their scenes tend to run about 20-30 minutes in length. It’s a less overall volume of porn than you’ll find elsewhere, but it’s laser-focused on only the best shemale smut. You’re not paying for a dozen unrelated bonus memberships, pumping up the video count with a bunch of dickless porn sluts.

My Hot Wife Has a Monster Cock

The newest clip, Hot Wife Marissa, features one of those ambiguous screencaps of a dark-haired wife bent over, getting plowed from behind by her husband. Does she have a big penis or is she hiding the dirty shame of a vagina? The only way to find out is to watch.

The video starts in 720p HD as soon as I hit Play, without any buffering. It looks fine, but I hit the Streaming Options button and max out the res at 1080p. Even then, there’s only a half-second pause when I skip ahead to the movie’s first blowjob scene. The chick is sucking off the dude with the washboard abs, and it’s still unclear if she’s packing. Ah, the suspense!

Spoiler alert: the cock-smoker in question is Marissa Minx. If you follow transexual sexy sex movies, there’s a good chance you already know her name. And her face. And her boobs. And her enormous pornstar cock. You catch your first glimpse of that lady ding-dong when she takes off her panties to allow rear entry, which is my polite way of introducing a shemale anal sex scene.

There’s an icon to download the video in a variety of resolutions. Again, you’re going to have to pay extra for that. There’s also a gallery of related pictures and screengrabs. It’s fairly skimpy, just two pages compared to the thousands some sites seem to give you, but how fucking many do you really need? The trimmed-down selection will serve you well and save you space.

TransSensual’s got your standard porn-site tag system in place. This video’s tagged with such depravity as Big Tits, Anal, Deepthroat and Male Fucks Shemale. I’m interested in the site’s full list of tags/categories/genres, but there’s no link in the header. I looked around for a while and then gave up, heading to the Pornstars area instead.

Look at All These Shemale Pornstars

This site ain’t fucking around when it comes to getting big-name tranny talent. Sort their Pornstars list by Top Rated and you come up with girls like Dana Vespoli, Magdalene St. Michaels, and Soverign Syre. Check the most recent and you get up-and-comers like Lena Kelly and Anaya Nae.

Ironically, you can choose a category from this page. Hit the dropdown and choose Ass-to-Mouth, for example, and you get a thumbnailed list of the dozen stars and starlets who have done ATM on TransSensual. The bummer is once you click a pornstar, all of his or her movies come up. Chanel Santini has almost 20 flicks, so I’m not sure which ones have ATM. Guess I know what I’m doing tonight.

Honestly, that’s reaching for something to complain about. If you like porn, and you like chicks with dicks, TransSensual (often misspelled as "transensual" and "transsenual") will get you off. Hard. This is a very refined product. It’s as filthy and depraved as tranny porn should be, but classed up with high production values and top talent.