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Tranny babes, shemale sluts, traps, and ladyboy whores galore at TS Playground. You either love this shit or you hate it. But, come on, what’s not to love about hot chicks with thick dicks? There’s certainly weirder, more disturbing shit out there. Looking at you scat freaks out there. Eugh. Anyway, shemale porn is fucking huge right now. So, if you haven’t at least given it a shot, then you should. And I might have just the site for you to check out and get started, while raking in the benefits of the huge network it’s connected to.

First off, the network is Evil Angel. If you don’t know who they are, then I don’t know what the fuck you’ve been doing with your life. They are huge names in the porn industry, and they have some crazy, unique, and sexy porn sites for you to jerk off too. You can find those by looking through my other reviews, but the site I’m talking about this time is Tsplayground.com. Your new home for premium transsexual porn.

Yeah, you have to pay for it, but it’s fucking worth it considering everything you get for under 10 bucks. The channels and sites are all spread out, so exact numbers are hard to get. Just know that Evil Angel brings in millions of views every month, so you can fap assured that you’re only getting the best of the fucking best porn out there. And they are no newcomers to the game either. This legendary network has been around making awesome fetish content since 1996. That’s probably longer than some of you fucks have been alive.

Great Site Design for the Member and Free Versions of the Site

Alright, so the way this shit works is that if you go to TS Playground you’ll just be able to pop around and check out some previews. It’s not the real full-blooded site. You can see what videos they have, who the models are, and check out some of the photo galleries. It’s a white design with a decent layout. I’d go into that site design more, but it’s not the place you’ll be once you sign up for a membership. Logging in takes you over to the members' section of the Evil Angel Network where you can browse content by the site. I’ll still be focused on the content of tsplayground.com, but I’ll be talking about the layout and design of the members' area since it’s what you’ll be using.

The color scheme is much easier on the eyes here. A nice, deep black background with red text, dark headers, and big previews. That’s the kind of shit I like on a site. I don’t need to be blinded by the light every time I log on to your damn site. The general layout has the previews running right-center down the page, a section on the left for navigating between the different sites within the network, a big header up top that filters through every site, and, finally, a smaller header above the site previews that let you navigate and filter the content on that specific site.

Tons of Sorting and Filter Options Help You Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

The sorting options for Tsplayground go as follows: Videos, DVDs, Extras, and Photos for your main options. Below those, you can filter by Category, Pornstar, Series, Latest Updates, Most Viewed, Highest Rated, and Upcoming. As I’m sure you can tell already, they have a lot of fucking options and content to go through on this site alone. But we’ll start simple. Let’s see what the videos and previews are like.

Did you guess that they were awesome? If you did, you’d be 100 percent right. Fully animated, HD previews give you a 5-10 second clip from the video. You also get every important bit of information you need. Pornstars in the movie, date uploaded, title, rating, and video length. You get just about everything you need to make a choice right upfront. And if you don’t care about that shit, you can change the layout to just preview images or make it so it’s all in a column for easy reading. Whatever you want.

Download and Stream up to 1080p!

The video player is just as good. You can stream or download the videos at up to 1080p quality in a snap. No buffering. No ads. None of that annoying bullshit. You can add the video on a playlist if you see some big-dicked chick that you like who has been in a couple of different movies, or if you just want to curate your own tranny filled fetish playlist. Then you can look at a photo gallery of images from the shoot, favorite the video, get all the information about what DVD this video came from, watch other videos from that DVD, or browse the related content if you want a slight change of pace.

The DVD page works in a similar fashion. You scroll through a page full of shemale babes, and you can organize it by the same options as the videos tab. Once you see a model or video cover that looks good, just click on that shit to get taken to a page that describes the video and gives you every single clip from that DVD. It’s a pretty good system. Not too much more to go into about them though. You can add entire movies to your playlist and even download every video from it.

“Extras” Section Disappoints with Almost No Content to be Found

Now, this surprised me since the site has been awesome so far, but the “Extras” section is a ghost town. One or two behind the scenes clips and that’s it. No other dicks, tits, or babes to be seen for miles. And there are tons of sections here for “Bloopers, Bonus Scenes, Outtakes, and Cumshot Compilations” that are simply empty. Nothing. Even if this tab has content on the other site’s sections, it’s still a big fucking disappointment that there’s no quality tranny content to be found here.

The “Pictures” tab doesn’t hold many mysteries. It’s a section for all the photo galleries from all of the videos and movies on the site. There are thousands of pictures here. It’s fucking awesome. And you can download all the photos from a gallery at once if you want to. They also give you a related videos tab that will take you back to the video that these shots are from as well. Awesome. No complaints at all.

Awesome Mobile Site

The mobile version of the site maintains the same high standards that the desktop version sets. It’s all scaled down appropriately and navigation is quick and easy. The videos all play without buffering. You can download everything just the same. It rocks. No need to mess with anything there. Take your HD tranny porn with you on the go!

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

Man, there’s a lot here that’s fucking great, but my favorite feature about Tsplayground.com is how many streaming and download options they have for their videos. Seriously, I haven’t seen such a breadth of options on any other premium site like this, especially one dedicated to tranny porn. Oh, and they don’t throw “deals” or other stupid ads at you here. You pay for the content and you get the content. That’s it.

I also like how the site is attached to such a big network. You really do get a solid bang for your bucks here and Evil Angel Network is worth checking out even if you’re not into the whole tranny porn scene. A membership gets you access to a ton of content. And it’s not even that expensive. A great deal all around.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My only suggestion is to fix the “Extras” tab. Get some content in there! I was bummed when there was jack all in there. Fix that and I’ll have zero complaints about the site. There are tons of content in the other sections. I’m sure they have more they could put there.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, tsplayground.com should be one of your first stops for quality tranny porn. The quality is amazing. The options are pretty much endless. And, fuck, you get access to a massive network of porn all under one membership. The site is fucking awesome and you should check it out.