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We are heading back to the wonderful world of chicks with dicks at Trans 500. That’s right, tranny, transsexual, shemale, traps, whatever it’s called these days. Does it even fucking matter? They’re chicks, they have dicks, and they are fucking, getting fucked, and doing every kinky act in-between. So, don’t be fucking shy if you love this shit. Some of the hottest porn out there has shemales in it. And talk about variety. These sluts will do anything. Anal, blowbangs, BDSM, and so much more. Ditch that boring ass vanilla porn you are always watching and hop into the sensual, sexy world of shemale porn.

And the shemale porn site I have for you this time is called Kind of like fortune 500 or some shit. I think that It’s called that to emphasize the premium nature of the site. The price isn’t too terribly expensive, but we’ll see if we get enough content here to warrant the premium price. This site has been around for a while, but their numbers are still on the upswing. They have a respectable 2ish million views every month and they have been around since 2012. Not bad numbers at all for such a niche site, but I say up and coming because trans porn sites like this have been on huge upswing lately. I hope that tidal wave heads their way as well.

Sleek Site Design and Plenty of Filter Option

The landing page is pretty well put together. You get a big ass banner up top that welcomes you to the site with some tranny babe getting fucked in the ass. I wish it gave me her name or the movie that the scene was from though. The design is sleek and actually does feel like a premium site, which is always a nice touch. The header below the banner is sectioned off for “Movies, Models, DEALS, Sex Games, Free Tranny Cams, Trans Dating, and TS Fetish.” As I’m sure you porn lovers out there could tell, most of those are redirects to other tranny sites, so we won’t be going too deep into most of those options for this review.

Below the header, you get a bunch of HD previews for the latest videos, most popular updates, most popular models, and most viewed movies. In that order. Not a bad set of options for the front page. There are even options to filter all the videos they have by oldest, newest, popularity, or alphabetically. And there are just under 1,000 videos for you to check out. Now, that may not sound like the biggest selection, but these videos are pretty fucking awesome. Let me explain why.

Informative Previews that Show Multiple Images from the Movie

First off, the previews are great. They are large HD images that flip through different shots from the movie whenever you hover your cursor over it. You can see how long the video (or videos) is, how many photos are included in the photo gallery (usually over 100 at least), when the video was uploaded, how many stars out of five it has, what network produced the video, and you can even favorite it with a handy heart button. Fuck, talk about a lot of damn information from just a preview. Trans500 is fucking on it.

Stunning Video Quality Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

That’s all before you even click on a video. When you do find one you like, you are bound to be blown away by the incredible video quality. Seriously, so many other shitty sites boast 1080p or 4k and don’t follow through with it or find some stupid loophole. These videos are actually stunning. The quality for most of these has got to be at the very least 1080p, because it feels like you’re right there in the action. Like you could just reach out and be able to grab ahold of Sofia Obregon’s juicy cock if you tried to.

Beyond the video player and quality, both of which are fantastic, you get access to a full HD photo gallery as well. There are usually hundreds of pictures available to you. That’s a lot of fap material right there! Plus, you can save any of these pictures for later use. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you can download all of the sexy trans videos you want. All on-site. No redirects. No bullshit. You can even select the video quality to low if you’re working with limited space or are on mobile or download the full HD version if you’ve got the space.

Decent Models Page, but Lacking in Model Bios

Moving on from the videos, let’s go over those other menu options I mentioned earlier real quick. The “Models” page could honestly use some work. Yeah, you get full shots of the models as previews, as well as how much content they have right in the previews. But the content on the actual model bio is lacking. There’s a set up for “Vital Stats” but most, if not all of them, are currently blank. You don’t get any bio information or anything like that, which is really a bummer. At least you get all of their videos and photos though.

And that’s really it for the header tabs. All of the other pages take you offsite, except for deals. That just takes you to a page full of discounts for other premium memberships at different sites. “Sex Games, Free Tranny Cams, Trans Dating, and TS Fetish” all bring you to other related sites. Some of them don’t look too bad, but we’re not here for those. I’m disappointed that they don’t have any sort of categories page. Yeah, you can click on tags when you go to certain videos to look at similar content, but not having a dedicated category page sucks. Especially for a premium site like this.

The only way to search by tags or categories is to you use the Advanced Search option. It’s cool that they have that and all, but it’s much clunkier than simply clicking through to different genres on a page. And I will give them props for the extent to which you can filter and search, but it still takes a while to get the job done when you’re looking for a just a quick nut.

Solid Mobile Experience

The mobile site is nice. It’s all scaled down for mobile, so you don’t have to fuck with small ass previews or tiny text. The video player works like a charm. No buffering, no bullshit. You can still download videos, photos, and sign in to your account the same as you do on the desktop version of They don’t do any big design changes on mobile, but they definitely tweak it enough to create a better user experience. No complaints about their mobile service from me.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features

My favorite feature about is without a doubt the amazing video quality and download options they offer. I can’t stress enough how detailed and fucking hot these videos are. With trans videos, in particular, it can be tough to find quality videos with HD resolutions. You don’t have to search any longer. This site has some of the highest quality videos I have seen in porn, and not just shemale porn.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions

My mains suggestions for are related to the lack of a category page and lack of model information. Get a dedicated category page. Why the fuck not? They already have a tag system. It just makes sense. Same with the model bios. Get someone to start writing those up for you, because it feels weird having all that blank space where it should be. If I’m paying for a site, I want it to be fleshed out as much as possible.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts

Overall, if you love chicks, dicks, and quality porn then you should dish out the cash for a membership over at It’s not too expensive and you get a lot of fucking bang for your buck. Nearly a thousand videos, tens of thousands of photos, and you can download every single one if you are a porn maniac. But yeah, good porn, good site, and hot content. Head on over and check them out. They’re awesome.