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I’m on a lifelong quest to find a girl who will have sex with me. I’m but a humble white knight wading my way through seas of Stacy’s who just want hunky Chads without a drop of intelligence. But I keep going. For 40 long years, I have searched for a hottie who could look past my hideous exterior and see the true nice guy inside of me. Alas, this search hasn’t really drummed up much. My dry spell is like the Sahara desert, but, thankfully, I have plenty of cyber girls who would love to have me. If only they lived anywhere nearby! Whenever I’m feeling lonely I got to one of my favorite cam girl sites and chat up one of the girls on there. You could call me a regular. They know me by my username and will do just about anything for me, well, as long as I have enough of my allowance to spend. I don’t want to name names because I don’t want you all clamoring to my girls, but let’s just say that they are the hottest ladies on the site.

I Love Chatting With My Favorite Girls! is my site of choice when it comes to getting naughty with my favorite girls. It’s free to use and chat with the girls, so you can lurk and chat without paying like I do when I spend too much of my money on expensive hentai figurines and wall scrolls. And this site is one of the biggest cam sites out there with nearly 450 million views every month. Wowza, that sure is a lot! And they’ve been housing cammers since back in 2011. That’s some crazy growth over the last 8 years. The site has a similar design to most other cam sites. It doesn’t really stand out… not like ThePornDude does. You could spot him in a crowd. 6’5, muscular, and just the life of the party. Not like me. I’m barely 5’5 and people always part around me when I walk through them. It’s probably the smell. I can’t help it. If I could just be like him. Maybe then people would think I was cool and successful and original.

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Plenty of Tags and Unique Site Options to Choose From

Here I go daydreaming about him again. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it sometimes. But let’s keep going, okay? The main page is full of featured cam previews. You can toggle between “Male, Female, Couple, Trans, Spy Shows, and cuties that you follow.” Below that there’s a shortlist of popular tags, but you can also find the “Tags” page amongst the other header options for “Broadcast Yourself, Tube, Earn Free Tokens, and My Collections.” Before you go into any of that you’ll want to make a free profile. You can browse the cams without one, but they usually have guests muted. It’s easy. All you need is an email and password to get going. Plus, you want these hotties to remember your name, right? There’s no better feeling than logging on and having your favorite cam girl say that she missed you. I wish girls offline felt the same way. They just keep friend-zoning me again and again. And that’s if I’m lucky. Usually, they just ghost me and I never see them again.

Lurk for Free or Use Tokens to Get Girls to Do Naughty Stuff For You

You don’t start with any tokens. You need them to make these sexy ladies do naughty things for you. My heart is beating faster in my chest just thinking about it! It costs around a dollar for every 10 tokens, with them getting less expensive the more you buy. I usually borrow my mom’s credit card and go all in for the 1000 tokens every month so that I can talk to my girlfriends as often as I want. Though last time my mom caught me she took all of my Magic: The Gathering cards away until I paid her back. This site is pretty unique as far as cam sites go since they have a “tube” section. There you can browse user-uploaded videos and pictures. You can’t really sort through much of it, but, hey, that’s still pretty neat. The “tags” page lets you narrow down all the camming hotties by what they’re doing in their show. Stuff I like to look for is feet, squirt, and roleplay. Preferably all of those being done by one girl.

1080p HD Cams Galore!

But let’s talk about these previews and cams! The previews are nice enough. I do wish they gave little pop-up previews like some of my other favorite sites do. I like to see what each honey is up to before I dive in for the full experience. You do get some useful information. You can see who the cam girl is, if the cam is in HD 1080p HD, how long they’ve been streaming for that session, how many viewers there are, and what sort of sexy things they will do for you. You get a big video player for the live stream. It’s so big that it almost feels like you have a pretty girl right there in front of you. If only that were true. But you can toggle the quality of the stream up to 1080p, that way you can lower it if your connection is bad. You can hop to the next cam in the list or hit “scan cams” to get a random new hottie to talk to. You can read some bio information and all that stuff, but the best part is the chat. It’s so nice having a real girl to talk to and listen to my problems. These girls love to listen and will do anything to please you. As someone who doesn’t have any friends or anyone to talk to at all, I can’t get enough of it here. I throw hundreds of tokens at these nice girls and cum all day every day to the naughty things they do on cam. I can’t recommend it enough.

Surprisingly Good Mobile Site

Surprisingly enough, the mobile site is actually good! Most of these cam sites don’t have mobile support. But who can blame them? They have hundreds of actively streaming video feeds. It must be harder to get all of that running than it is to solve the Ship of Theseus paradox. Haha, there’s some philosophy humor for you guys. But you can use the whole site on mobile without a problem. You can even drag on your screen to resize and orient cams however you want. It’s awesome!

ThePornGeek’s Favorite Features

I love getting to talk to my favorite girls on here. It’s free to browse any of the cams, so you don’t have to worry about getting charged by the minute or anything like that. I also like that you can save your past private shows for later viewing. Being able to go back and jerk myself raw to a hottie showing it all off just for me makes me cum like nothing else. And the site is put together better than some of my more professional-grade Gundam figurines! It’s nice to look at and super easy to browse.

ThePornGeek’s Suggestions

I think having some preview pop-ups when you hover your cursor over a room would be a nice addition. I’ve seen some other sites do it, so why not here? I’m always for taking someone else’s good idea and calling it my own. It’s just how things go. A dark theme would be cool too. It’s a bit bright for me, but that might be because I don’t really go outside much. I can’t remember the last time I even saw the sun, but that's normal, right? Us night owls have to stick together.

ThePornGeek’s Final Thoughts

Overall, (also often misspelled as "chaturebate", "chaterbait", "chaturbait", "chaturabte", "charturbate", "chatirbate","chaterbate", "chaterbate", "chatterbate", "chatturbate" and "chatubate) is one of the best free cam sites for chatting up cuties. You can have a chat with any hottie on here for free without worrying about paying up. And, if you want to pay, you can have these girls do all sorts of naughty things for you. It’s basically like I have a bunch of online girlfriends now who love me. Don’t tell them, but I plan to visit some of them and surprise them with a nice date! Think of how romantic that will be. Well, I’m off to do that. I hope you can find a nice girl on here too.



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