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My Free Cams aka MFC Cams! Ever since I was a kid I wondered what exactly it was that girls did when they were behind closed doors. I wanted to know if they touched themselves and explored their bodies as I did, but I didn’t want to be a creep and ask so it was always a bit of a fascination for me. Me and my friends would place bets and guess what kind of sexual stuff they might be up to when we weren’t looking. Personally, I always believed that girls threw sleepover parties so that they could get naked together and explore each other’s sexuality without letting us in on the action. It was always a great source of fascination for me. Well, fast forward a few years and thanks to the internet age we’ve now got ample supply of girls touching themselves on camera, streamed straight from their bedrooms for the world to see. There are now tens of thousands of girls that are constantly on stream waiting for anyone and everyone to come watch them fuck themselves hard and fast with all kinds of props and toys like barbed 12-inch dragon dildos that I assume are carbon-copy replicas of ThePornDude’s junk. I always kind of wanted to find one of them and go to their house and join them, but that would be very creepy and probably grounds for a restraining order, so I restrain myself – no pun intended. I am a white knight after all, and I respect these girls’ right to privacy. That’s why I cum to them 10 times a week, and not try to find out where they live. I personally love live cam sites that let me jack off to girls that are willingly exposing themselves to the world. It feels very personal, like we are actually looking into each other’s eyes and seeing each other’s naked bodies. I know that they can’t see me, and that’s probably for the better, because when girls see me they usually scream, but the fantasy works just fine for me. To that end, I am a huge fan of MyFreeCams. It’s safe to say that they pioneered the cam girl genre of porn.

MFC – Where It All Began

Now I’m not trying to say that MyFreeCams invented webcam streaming. – People have been showing other people their junk, without even being asked, over sites like ChatRoulette with webcams since the dawn of the internet. But MyFreeCams made an amazing system that serves to protect girls and encourage them to fuck themselves on camera as much as they possibly can, for money. I like it when girls get paid for what they do – after all, it is the feminist way. The idea is that when the girls sign up on the site they get an anonymous account under a pseudonym, so they can expose themselves to the world as much as they want, without fear of anyone looking them up or stalking them. I kind of wish they made exceptions for guys like me because I’m not a stalker and I would treat them very well and who knows, they might even like me, but such is life – disappointing. On top of that, MFC set up an amazing system where the entire site is free for everyone. You can watch any of the girls on the site as long as you’d like with no limitations. So how do the girls possibly make money? From tips! Basically, if you sign up on the site you can pay money to get a certain amount of tokens. Those tokens can then be freely given to any cam girl in any amount. The streams all start pretty innocently with the girls wearing clothes or lubing up their dildos, but to progress further and see more of them, they demand tokens in return. It kind of works like a digital strip club, except you’re not the only patron. So if a girl is particularly hot and interesting, there will be hundreds of guys watching her, tipping her a dollar at a time. But that money builds up, she’s very happy to be profiting and you basically get to enjoy her for free. And if you’d like to drop her a few Benjamins that’s cool too. I don’t really tip that often because I am trying to save up money for a new monitor – I’m still on a CRT from 1999 and it’s really hurting my eyes. But I will try to tip more in the future, especially now that I’ve found a few favorites on the site that I’d like to watch regularly. It’s only fair that the girls are compensated for shaking their ass. I’m sure that proper macho gentlemen like ThePornDude tip these girls in the thousands of dollars, but I’ll have to settle for tipping around $5 a pop for now.

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The Girls!

Where do I even begin… The website accepts women from all over the world and they’re all, technically, not professional pornstars. They’re stay-at-home whores. This pretty much means that you’re getting the real insider experience with girls that you see walking around the street every day. And because there are so many of them and the site is super popular, you will find every kind of girl on the site. I’m talking white girls, black girls, Asian girls, ugly girls, beautiful girls… you get the picture. There’s someone for everyone on MFC and the list just keeps growing. The absolute most popular girls on the site are actually more beautiful than the most amazing pornstars you’ve ever seen. It’s kind of like they’re too good to even consider doing actual porn with a cock in the shot. And that’s the real appeal of the site. These girls flock to MFC because they don’t have to fuck anyone they don’t want to, but they still get to do porn for money. And because they’re real amateurs in every sense of the word, we’re really happy to get a view into their bedrooms. The site doesn’t prevent them from including other people into their streams, so you could even find some girls that will bring other girls in on the action, so they can finger each other’s buttholes and whisper sweet nothings in your headphones. There are even girls that fuck their boyfriends on camera, thereby giving you a full live porn experience, without it technically being produced porn. – It’s all real! And finally, you need to remember that those tokens are not just a way to say thank you and fuck off – You can use them to ask the girls to perform certain sexual acts for you. Often the girls will even have a menu put up so that you know that if you, say, want to see their assholes, you have to fork over $10. For a large enough tip they’ll even talk to you directly, using your name and even writing your initials on their tits so you can take a screenshot. It’s amazing! When I save up enough money to give that a whirl, I might finally hear a real flesh and blood female call out my name in ecstasy. Until then, I’ll just have to play pretend.

The Website’s Design

MyFreeCams’ s website design has me very confused. On the one hand, it looks extremely old and outdated and it runs on Flash Player, on the other hand, it works really well for what it does. The home screen greets you with and infinitely scrolling list of girls who are currently live – like an all you can eat buffet. When you click on a girl, you immediately open up her stream in a relatively high quality video player. It is of course live, so you can’t scroll around it, but I’m still surprised by how quickly they all load. On top of that, there are absolutely no ads on the site. It’s like a dream come true.

The Search Tool

This damn technological marvel deserves its own honorable mention. Most porn sites have advanced search tools, it’s not exactly rocket science. But MFC (often misspelled as "myfreecam", "myfreewebcams" and "my free cam") takes it to glorious new lengths with a search tool so detailed that you can sift through literal thousands of girls by picking and choosing all kinds of specifics like their scores, the number of people in the chat, their region and even degrees of similarity to other models that you’ve enjoyed before. It feels like having a detective working full time to find you the right pair of tits that would fit your dick perfectly.



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