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Strip Chat! It’s no surprise that I don’t really meet a lot of hot girls in my day to day. After all, I live above my mom’s garage in a tiny room that has a bed, a Pentium 4, my body pillow, and an assortment of sex toys I hide in the drywall. – I’m not gonna meet a lot of girls here. Luckily, I spend a lot of time on live chat cam sites that showcase the hottest girls in the world, getting it on. These websites exist to satisfy the urges of pathetic losers like myself, and I gotta say, I’m very grateful to them. The most important part of a good cam show is that it be free. Luckily, most cam sites these days are entirely free, as they leave it up to the girls to figure out how to get paid through tips. These girls perform all kinds of depraved sex acts for money, and they set up milestones for their viewers, to entice them into tipping more and more, to get to a point where they’re full-on stretching their asses with dragon dildos the size of ThePornDude’s dick. – It always gets brutal towards the end. One way or another, a girl’s gotta make money, and an incel’s gotta get his rocks off – or should I say my rocks off. My favorite thing about live cam sites is that the girls act like they’re talking to you. They look deep into the camera while they finger themselves and for a second I can forget my troubles and get lost in the fantasy of a girl actually wanting to be touched by me. I’m sure it’ll be a little while before I eventually do get to touch a real flesh and blood woman in person, but until then, I’ll just dump all my money tipping girls on quality cam sites. And speaking of quality, let’s talk about StripChat.

A Sexy Alternative

The most fascinating thing about StripChat is that it’s not the most successful cam site on the web, but it does seem to attract a more attractive selection of ladies from around the world. The more popular websites are sort of a mix between every kind of woman you can think of. A lot of them look like triple-A pornstars, and a lot look like a dumpster fire on wheels. The girls on StripChat are more of a bell curve centered around the 8/10 standard of a girl being attractive enough to give you a boner in 5 seconds and get you to cum in 50. Now I’m not saying that the girls on StripChat are the most attractive camwhores on the web – I’m just saying, they really go out of their way to bring you as much quality pussy as they can – it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. From the second you arrive on the homepage, most of the girls that you do see are the kind to give you an obsessive crush – they’re the kind of girls you could fall for and want to see more and more of in the coming months. Glorious pairs of C-cup breasts and tons of proper makeup make these girls look like they’re here to impress, not just take your money. I also really appreciate the fact that most of them are my age, rather young and nubile, so it’s really easy to get into the fantasy of dating one of them.

Quality Pussy from All Over the World

And like I said regarding quantity – it’s not about having as many camgirls as possible, it’s about them all being easy to jack off to, so there aren’t more than a couple of thousand camgirls on the site at a time. But personally I’ve never found this to be a problem, because once you find the one camgirl you want to dump all your money into, you don’t care about the rest. My personal favorite is this amazing 20-year-old angel from Romania who’s got the breasts of a Greek goddess, a tiny waist and a teenage girl’s vagina. Also, she’s constantly smoking while she’s fucking herself, which I absolutely adore, even though I’m not a smoker. I like to roleplay and pretend that having a smoker girlfriend would make me look cooler, and maybe I’d get beaten up less. But remember kids, don’t smoke if you can help it. – Fuck girls that smoke instead. StripChat is as wild as the next cam site you’ll find, with every genre under the sun conveniently available across thousands of camgirls. You’ll find a ton of solo masturbation and stripping, a bunch of lesbian sex with pussy licking, and even squirting scenes, and of course, couples who like to get it on on camera to earn a few extra dollars. Those are probably the ones I envy the most.

The Site, Design and Quality

Here’s where StripChat shines brighter than any of the more popular cam sites on the web. The site design is extremely modern, with very large thumbnails for the girls that show you an image of what is currently happening in the stream, rather than their profile images or something like that. – You know exactly what you’re going to see if you click into the stream. It’s amazing. It’s also crazy impressive how almost every single camwhore on this site is using a super high-quality camera, unlike what I’ve seen on other cam sites. Most of the streams are coming through in proper HD, with no lag what so ever. Another thing I’ve noticed on other cam sites is that they use Java applets to fuel the videos, which they claim protects the performers and prevents you from abusing the site. I disagree. These days, using simpler, modern technology is faster, safer and much easier on the user. In other words, the live streams come through in peak quality, with no compromise on speed and you don’t have to enable any potentially malicious software. It’s exactly like watching quality paid porn, except it’s free and it’s live. The sorting is also really crazy, in that you can sort by age, ethnicity, body type, hair and even the price that the performers charge for private shows. On top of that, there are even genre tags, and all the performers are cross-tagged so you can find them no matter how you look. You always get to your destination in two clicks or less.

Regarding Private Shows

I’m not quite sure what to expect of private shows, because every performer has their own understanding of what they should charge for. Usually, the girls on StripChat will talk to their viewers about what they’d like to see in the private chat, then announce a private stream, and build up hype. It’s not a bad system because most private shows are pretty cheap, and you get to see more of your favorite whores doing even more depraved stuff. Just think, if she fingers herself up the ass for free, what could she do for money? If you’re a diehard fan and you spend enough money on a single girl, you could probably suggest what you’d like to see in a private show, so it’s likely you’ll get your fantasy even if it’s not something she already had in mind. Think of it like a restaurant where you pay as you eat your food, and you can quit paying if what you’re getting isn’t to your liking, then move to a better restaurant with tastier pussy.


If you’re the kind of guy who likes going to strip clubs, but hates the fact that there are other men there ruining the fun, you need StripChat in your life. The girls are drop-dead gorgeous and there are even a few niche performers like grannies and MILFs if you’re into some weird roleplay shit. For me, the site is awesome because I can pretend that I know what it’s like to have a girlfriend who’s always sexually satisfied. This site lets me live out the dream of being more like ThePornDude every day. I like to think that he’s fucked most of the girls on this site, because I know he gets around and I know that women find him irresistible. If you’d like to feel like ThePornDude too, head on down to StripChat and maybe drop a few tokens on your favorite performer. What have you got to lose?



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