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If you know anything about me then you know I have a soft spot for all women: Indians, Caucasians, Africans, Hispanics, Vulcans, the list goes on. But I have the softest spot for Asians! Something about their yellow skin and dedication to take care of their mate really resonates with me. It makes me feel beloved: something I’ve never felt before! So when I spot a mate that I can spend the rest of my life with you know I’m not going to back down! I’m going to convince her that we deserve one another and that whatever she thinks about me right now is not the real me! I did something bold tonight. I followed the Asian pizza delivery driver I’ve been crushing on for months back to her house and snuck through her bedroom window when she was in the shower. Oh, to hear the water run down her body made me feel closer to her than ever! I spotted her undergarments and wanted to know what she smelt like. I picked them up and even though they had a giant poop stain I didn’t care! I sniffed them and felt intoxicating: even her feces smelled like heaven! But then I spotted her mother’s bedroom door open and one of the biggest bras I had ever seen. I snuck into her room and began to sniff her bra. I saw her picture on the side table. She looked just like my goddess but aged like fine Château Picard wine! Then I found her undergarments on the floor and began to sniff those too. I lost track of time and had sniffed everything in the room when suddenly everyone walked in to play board games! I hid under the bed, which is where I am writing my review for Streamate/Asian-girls! Licking those undergarments really gave me yellow fever and I had to visit Streamate to internally uplift the beauties that were gracing my smartphone. Should you visit Streamate for these amazing Asian goddesses or should you look elsewhere? Let’s find out together, friends!

Can speak to Asians via phone and voice

One of the things that blew me away was the fact that you can actually talk to these beautiful creatures over the phone! Of course, you have to pay for it but because I had memorized mother’s credit card number I did not have a problem getting on the phone with these lovely ladies. I simply went to Streamate/Asian-girls and selected which beauts were currently online and accepting phone calls. Once I found a goddess to chat with I was in Heaven. Hiding under the bed I whispered into her ear that I was staring at a family of Asians under their bed watching them play board games and even though that may sound weird it isn’t anything to be concerned about. I explained that it was more of a funny mishap more than anything and because I’m trying to court one of the females I don’t mean any harm so it’s okay. The woman began yelling at me in Klingon or some other language. I replied in Klingon too but I don’t think she could understand me. She must not be fluent but it isn’t her fault: females have such a hard time getting by day-to-day that she just did not have the time to be as educated as I am. The lady hung up on accident and I admit I was a little bummed. We were getting it on! I tried the voice option where you can chat with lovely ladies over the Web rather than the phone. It was the same thing: I explained my situation as an icebreaker and the Asian on the other end told me I was being a creep! The nerve! If being a male feminist and courting goddesses makes me creepy than by Abraham’s sheath I do not want to be right! I hung up out of spite! Who would dare call me a creep? I will have you know I’ve never done anything remotely creepy in my entire life! Ignorance!

Join for free!

I could easily see Streamate/Asian-girls being the type of cam site that forced you to pay money to see these beautiful Asian goddesses showcase their confidence and self-esteem. I am thankful to say that isn’t the case though! Not only is Streamate/Asian-girls completely free but signing up was easy and simple! In no time at all, I was hiding under my goddesses’ parents’ bed communicating with some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever had the luxury of looking at all the while watching my beauts from underneath the bed. Friends, that was one of the most intoxicating moments of my life. I will never forget it. The only danger is I think I was on the verge of overdosing from Asian persuasion.

Awesome amount of search options

Streamate/Asian-girls gives you the option to choose Asians that have certain types of breasts, age, body type, sexual orientation, pubic hair, hair and eye color, fetish, region, and language. If you are not lenient on any of this you can choose models that exactly match these pre-requisites. If you are picky about the type of goddesses you uplift (and why would you be when you should be encouraging all of them like a good male feminist) Streamate/Asian-girls makes it easy to find just what you are looking for!

Large thumbnails that showcase models

If you cannot view the beautiful creatures that grace Streamate/Asian-girls then what is the point of even browsing? That was the question I was asking myself when I was signing up for Streamate/Asian-girls but I am pleased to tell you this isn’t a problem whatsoever. The thumbnails for these beauties are large and provide enough insight into the beautiful women that grace this amazing site.

Well designed and functional

The large thumbnails on Streamate/Asian-girls are a testament to just how properly designed this intoxicating site actually is. When clicking on a goddess you will notice what kind of special features she offers (e.g. phone and voice of course but also party chat, gold chat, HD video, etc.); when browsing an Asian to view you also notice which ones are online and how many people are currently viewing. Chatting with the goddesses couldn’t be easier either. There is a chat window next to the live cam allowing you to type and say whatever you wish to the beauty. The cams are also insanely fast with minimal disruptions or buffering. There are other cam sites out there that have jittery cams that buffer more than they show the live stream. You won’t find this on Streamate/Asian-girls! Everything ran smoothly and I felt as if I was looking through a window staring at a goddess while hiding under the bed of another Asian goddess and her goddess mother. This gave me tingles in my penis that I rarely get, and I will admit I did pre-ejaculate that night.

Great on mobile and desktop

You already know how awesome Streamate/Asian-girls performs on the mobile side of things. That has already been proven since I was watching live Asians on mobile originally. However, the family finally found out that I was under the bed and completely freaked out. The father grabbed a baseball bat and tried to hit me with it multiple times, trashing his own bedroom like a real Chad. I hid my face so my goddess wouldn’t know it was me, but she quickly figured out who I was. “YOU,” she screamed as she began punching me in the throat. I could feel my larynx cracking and the bones in my face breaking with every punch. Friends, I now know this is what feeling turned on feels like! I wanted nothing more than to kiss her and feel every inch of her body, but the male feminist inside of me quickly took over and said, “PornGeek remember who you are.” I quickly regained composure and as fortune would have it I accidentally fell through the bedroom window which aided in my escape. ThePornDude would never have had this problem: he would have made this amazing goddess hers from the very start! Running back to mother’s basement and feeling my face seemingly fall apart with every step I tried the desktop version of Streamate/Asian-girls and gee-whiz let me tell you: it was just as good! Except now I could turn up the volume, listen to the sweet rhythms of the Asian goddesses breathing, and really absorb the atmosphere. *Sniffs and breathes in deeply* this souvenir made the desktop experience of Streamate/Asian-girls even sweeter!

Could use more Asians

My only complaint is that I wish there were more Asians on Streamate/Asian-girls. There are plenty of Asian goddesses online at any given time but I just want more. Despite there being over a hundred, I’d prefer hundreds or even thousands more. Is that asking too much? I don’t think so. Considering I’ve made a career of uplifting females and making them feel better about themselves I would say it would be in their best interest to showcase their bodies of art for me so their lives can be infinitely improved!



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