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Live Jasmin! I have never understood where guys get the courage to go up to really beautiful women and just start talking to them. Like, how do you even do that? You see a girl at the bar who looks like she could be a supermodel, right? And then, what, you just walk up to her and offer to buy her a drink? It can’t be that easy … Plus, what if she shoots you down? I don’t think I could live with that kind of humiliation, to be honest. I’ve heard guys talk about how getting laid is nothing but a numbers game. You’re going to get turned down a lot, but you have to accept that. You have to keep at it. You have to try, try again. But I don’t think I have the mentality for that. Not one bit. If a girl turned me down at the bar, my penis would probably just shrivel up within itself and not want to come out to play for months … and I have too much fapping to do for that to happen. Priorities, people! But even if I ever did muster up the courage to approach a pretty young thing in a bar … and that is a huge ‘if’ … what would I even say to her? I mean, it’s not like I can just waltz on over to her and start talking about my hobbies. I can’t imagine that any high-class girl with tits and ass would take kindly to a strange geek coming up to her and talking about the latest Teens Love Huge Cocks release or something. Well, actually, on second thought, that’s probably not the site I would bring up to her. Because on the off chance that she is a horny porn addict like myself, I wouldn’t want to give her the impression that I have a huge cock. Then she’d just be so disappointed if she brought me home (yes, brought me home … I can’t bring girls to my mom’s house!), pulled down my pants expecting a massive Billy club of a boner and instead was greeted with a baby carrot. Then I would be really humiliated! Which would also probably cause me to bust my nut right there, awkwardly all over her hand. Nope. Not risking that!

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One Click from Paradise

Where are all the insanely hot chicks that don’t care about my myriad social anxieties, the fact that my favorite activity is furiously fapping to hentai porn on the internet, that I spend most of the time that I’m not watching porn drawing pictures of my beautiful hentai girlfriend, and that I’m still a virgin? Why can’t those girls be real? Just for once, I wish a beautiful woman would see me for who I am, offer to pop my cherry once and for all (even if it’s a charity fuck … I’m not above that, I’ll take what I can get! … The world is so unfair). Ah, but a boy can dream. These girls might not exist in the real world, but they most certainly do exist on the internet. And I thank the gods of porn that they do. Because if they didn’t, I would just be oh so lonely. Just me, my pictures of Suki, my hand, and my mom. That’s all I would have in the world if it weren’t for the beautiful and kind women who dedicate their time to making me feel good on webcam. The internet is such a beautiful place, isn’t it, friends? I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. I was not made for the physical world. The moment I step out the front door, my allergies take over … itchy eyes, runny nose, constant sneezing, trouble breathing: the whole nine. Sometimes I think I should have been a bubble boy. Remember that movie? I identified with the main character so hard. If only I had a beautiful blonde girlfriend who was willing to see past all of my issues like that guy had. But, alas, that is nothing more than movie magic… Thanks to cam sites, though, I can transport beautiful women into my bubble. And I don’t have to go out into the world in order to meet them. Just log in, buy some tokens, and, voila, I have a full menu of sexy ladies to choose from, all willing to strip, dance, and play with their private parts just for me! And then, just like that, this little frog becomes a prince! These girls will worship you for the right price. And, oh boy, it may just be the only thing that I like doing better than fapping to porn. Sometimes I like to take the girls into private mode and just talk to them about my hopes and dreams. It’s better than talking to my gecko, Simon all day long. The cam girls actually listen!

Great Site Design (Even Better Girls)

Live Jasmin is one of my favorite xxx cam sites on the web. And I am not alone. They are easily one of the most popular and longest-running ones too. And for good reason. The quality of the site (and the ladies) is unrivaled! You know those supermodel girls I was talking about earlier? The ones that I would never feel confident enough to approach at a bar? Well, they are literally all over this site. Tons of them! And since I don’t have to show my face (even though I can for a few extra tokens), I can actually get them turned on and sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can make them cum even! It’s a miracle. The site itself, in addition to being easy to use and intuitive, just looks really nice. We don’t spend enough time, I don’t think, appreciating a site that looks as good as it functions. Live Jasmin has a nice red background with a minimalist site menu bar at the top of the page, offering up Live Cams, Stories, Awards, Messages, Favorites, and Get Credits. Below that, you’ll find a sprawling list of categories to choose from, making it super easy to find the girl of your dreams. Then, of course, there are the girls. Live Jasmin opted for an infinity scroll design, meaning that instead of clicking through pages and pages of thumbnails, you can just keep scrolling down and down and down forever. I like this feature, and I know some people would disagree with me, because I don’t want to have to load a whole new page every few minutes. This just makes things so much easier. Click into a girl’s public chat room to see her. Now, as is the case with any cam site, Live Jasmin will also be a matter of doing a bit of hunting. Particularly if you want to find a girl who’s getting into some real hardcore action on her public stream. But they are certainly there if you’re willing to look for them. However, the majority of them don’t show much of anything until you take them private, which is going to cost you.

Be Careful Not to Break Your Bank

That’s the big complaint that I have, actually, with Live Jasmin. It can get pretty pricey. These tokens are not cheap. And, which you may have guessed by the quality of the girls, going private is not cheap. Live Jasmin is probably on the more expensive end of the spectrum when it comes to xxx cam sites, but if you have the money, it’s definitely worth it. It’s like buying a fine scotch to sip and enjoy as opposed to making mixed drinks with a bottle of Jack Daniels. A totally different price range, sure, but also a totally different experience. As far as what you can do in public: you can send girl’s gifts (cute little icons of roses and stuff … more money), you can play interactive games (more money), you can view galleries of her photos and videos (often more money), and some girls even have an interactive vibrator that reacts to tips (obviously, more money). So, it can be extremely fun, but at a price! The design of the pages of the girls’ rooms is often the biggest downfall for cam sites. But, thankfully, Live Jasmin has dodged that concern. They know their stuff, that’s for sure. You can type messages to your girl while in full-screen mode (which is a lot rarer than you might assume it is), and everything is very clearly laid out and well-organized (again, not as common to cam sites as you might think it would be). All in all, this site is leagues away from many of its competitors. It’s the Apple of cam sites. All in all, Live Jasmin (often misspelled as "jasmin live", "jasmin cams" and "livejasmine") is an incredible site. Even if it’s expensive. The only real issue with it is that you might get addicted to these beautiful women!



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