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There are certain ideals we always strive for in porno. We want perfect tits, eternal youth, and we want the girls to get fucked forever without ever getting pregnant. Science and plastic surgery have given us two of those, but the closest we can get to eternal youth is Asian chicks. Today I’ll be checking out the Japanese sluts over at Erito. is the very definition of a premium porn site. They charge as much as the other guys for less material, but make up the difference in quantity with the exquisite quality of their fuck movies. Is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

A Quick Look at the Entrance

There’s a banner on the pre-login page that tells you what you get if you sign up. Honestly, if I just looked at the list and missed all the explicit screengrabs below, I’d probably skip Erito. It doesn’t sound like much.

A premium porn site saying they have exclusive content, weekly updates, and unlimited streaming is like SubWay saying they have six-inches, foot-longs, and a spokesman in prison for molestation. Those are all expected features, the very minimum demanded. Don’t get me started on the “Free access” to the webcam sluts.

The previews, though, are pretty goddamn exciting. Screenshots of Erito’s Latest Asian Porn Videos and Best Asian Porn Videos cover the rest of the page.

Hovering over an image gets you more pics from the movie. Busty Maid Mahoro Polishes Cock features a slut taking a cock between her tits, in her mouth, and in her cunt. Sexy Schoolgirl Club: Reina has an innocent-looking young slut, presumably the titular Reina, getting her panties pulled open, her clit worked with a vibrator, and at least 4 dicks in her face.

The pics are high-quality, polished smut. You could easily rub out a few to just the stills on this page. The layout is clean and smooth as hell, which tells me it’s going to be the same once we pay up and the bouncer lets us in. This ain’t the strip club with the broken PA and the crippled dancers.

Fans of Japanese pussies will be thrilled to find out Erito doesn’t censor them behind a grid of ugly pixels. It’s an issue a lot of the time because of Japanese obscenity laws, so it’s always great to find a site that doesn’t blur out the naughty bits.

That lame banner I mentioned said the site has weekly updates, but the thumbnails tell a different story. They’re actually adding a new video every few days. Jesus, they should update that tired ad copy, too.

I clicked on the pic from Chie’s Bondage Squirt Challenge, which looks as kinky as it sounds. The restrained bitch is unleashing a torrent right into her own face. If squirting was an Olympic sport, this chick would bring home the gold for Japan.


It’s a classic fake-out, but goddamn, they got me. I was unzipped and all ready to go, and the video player implied I’d at least get a preview of the action. Imagine my disappointment when I got the pop-up yelling at me in ALL CAPS instead.

They have dollar-a-day trial memberships, so it is pretty cheap to take peek around. Regular access is about thirty bucks a month, just like every other paysite right now. Rates go down with a longer membership, natch.

Cock-Hungry MILFs Getting Boned

I got logged in and a new selection of Popular Scenes appeared below Erito’s Latest Scenes. One image, in particular, caught my eye. It’s the babe with the red collar and cuffs that I saw on that lousy ad outside. I actually thought she was CG because she’s damn-near flawless. A couple of old perverts, probably a couple of you fuckers, leer at her from behind.

The video player has pretty basic features, but it has a sleek look and feel to it. Maybe it’s the stylized Pause and Volume buttons. It could be the futuristic Chromecast icon beckoning me to cast this to a hospital waiting room. Maybe I’m just hypnotized by the HD video, or the Asian woman stripping on camera.

I did get a couple of seconds of buffering when I skipped around during the video. More worrying was some weird digital distortion that appeared once when I jumped to the halfway point, but it cleared up once I touched the timeline again.

Fuck. Asians have a different definition of MILF than everyone else. If you like old, hit bitches, you’re going to have to go somewhere else. Asian women just don’t age, so this MILF with her hand on one cock and mouth on another looks like she could be in college.

I don’t have to tell you that, though. There’s a reason you’re looking at Asian porn site reviews right now. It ain’t ‘cause you like sushi. It’s because Asian sluts, including the beautiful Japanese girls on Erito, look eternally youthful. With that in mind, let’s go find some Japanese teens.

Help Me Find a Lost Teen

I clicked the View All icon to get to the full list of Erito’s scenes. Their collection is still fairly small, with just over 100 scenes. If you’re a bargain smut shopper, this may not be your bag. Erito is for true fans of the latest and greatest in uncensored Japanese hardcore.

The stash is sortable in all the standard ways, including by Category. There’s no Categories page, but you can see a list in the dropdown connected to the Category search bar.

The Category list is just not very good, though. While they do let you select as many as you want to narrow down your selection, there aren’t enough categories to choose from.

They’ve included Titty Fuck and Uniform among the options, but Teen is nowhere to be found. That’s a pretty basic porno category to just omit. I do appreciate the range of the different subgenres, but this is kid stuff. Literally!

The search function only combs the lackluster Category tag. It doesn’t include the video’s title or Description, though I haven’t seen any written descriptions of the movies in any of the Description and Categories areas.

Slut Parties and Creampie Santas

I guess the good news is that with barely over a hundred videos, you probably don’t really need to search that hard. It’s only 5 pages of videos to browse through.

Maybe I’m just being a lazy, spoiled masturbator. I can see schoolgirl and cheerleader vids on the main page, even if I can’t type them into the search bar. This babe going by F-Cup Misuzu was waiting for me on the second page, doe-eyed, innocent, and ripe as hell. Would it kill them to throw a Teen tag in there?

The videos are nice and long on Erito. This Misuzu movie, teenage or not, is an hour-long fuckfest. I finished and I still had enough fresh material for at least a few more wanks. I Liked and Favorited the video to make it part of my personal spank stash.

Next, I watched a girl with a hairy pussy and a Santa hat getting fucked on a couch. While she was taking the creampie, it occurred to me that I didn’t understand a word of the dialog besides the grunts, squeals, and moans. There’s no subtitle or caption icon, so you’re out of luck if you’re one of those fuckers who beats off to the story.

Erito’s got some points against it. The layout is gorgeous but could use better organization. The bigger issue is that it’s a relatively small collection for a paysite.

Erito’s real selling point is that they’re peddling very high-quality Japanese porn without the censorship usually associated with the genre. You do get less pornography for your money than you would on other sites, but it comes with a laser focus on the latest and greatest in Japanese hardcore. If that’s what you’re into, Erito is worth a look around at the very least.