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Looking for some tiny Asian porn at Little Asians? Well, gather around perverts. I’ve got something really special for you today. If you like little chicks, Asian chicks, or little Asian chicks, you’re really going to love It’s a porn site, so naturally, the petite babes in question are getting their cunts hammered by dicks that seem way too big.

OMFG, They’re So Tiny!

I pulled up the landing page and holy shit, they ain’t lying about the little part. Asian chicks are known for being smaller than most pornstars, but these girls make Mia Malkova look like a goddamn Amazon. I’m not saying they’re midgets or anything. They’re perfectly, some would say flawlessly proportioned. They’re just little, like it says in the title.

If you want to know the truth, my eyes went a little wide and I had to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Sure enough, there’s a 2257 record-keeping statement. Rest easy knowing you won’t go to prison for beating off to this site.

The front page features kawaii girls with purple hair and cat ears doubling up on a dick, and a pair of innocent-looking Asian teens doing the same. Based on the preview video, I don’t think these girls are as innocent as they seem. They look so young I can (and will) only imagine when they had a chance to learn, but they fuck like practiced sluts with hundreds of notches in their bedposts.

There’s also a gorgeous young thing lounging by a pool, snacking on watermelon with her titties out. Another lithe beauty looks like she just got out of the pool and immediately sat down on a hard cock. She’ll need to wait 30 minutes after swallowing semen before she gets back in the water if she wants to be safe.

It’s all sexy as fuck, but the newest scene really did something to me. The screencap features a teeny, tiny little Asian gymnast. She’s upside down, against the wall, with the coach holding her legs apart. In the preview, we see she has difficulty doing the splits, and it turns out the issue is with her hymen. As a fan of sports medicine and the inspiring work of Dr. Larry Nassar, I had to know more about the treatment.

Take My Money and Give Me Asian Porn

A yearly pass breaks down as the cheapest way to polish your chopstick to Little Asians, but the standard monthly rate is around $25. That’s a few bucks cheaper than most premium sites, but does come with a disclaimer.

LittleAsians is a brand-spankin' new site, hitting the Internet at the ass-end of 2018. As I’m writing this, they’ve only got 5 videos on the menu. They look really filthy and hot, but a really determined masturbator with a gas-station boner pill could probably work his way through it in a few hours.

You don’t have to break it down for me. I can do basic math. Five bucks a video is cheaper than the a la carte JAV (Japanese Adult Video) sites, but sucks for any kind of membership site.

The good news is LittleAsians is powered by TeamSkeet, so they’re already on a big-ass online porn network. Signing up to watch these tiny Asian hotties get smashed actually gets you full access to 28 sites. If you’re already a TeamSkeet member, the LittleAsian upgrade is under twenty bucks a month.

The sign-up page breaks it down in bullet points. There are more than 2,700 updates, 1,300 amateur girls, and new scenes added daily. Obviously, those aren’t all on LittleAsians, but they’re included. It’s mobile-friendly, fast, with unlimited HD streaming. You know, the basics you expect from a premium site.

Hammering That Asian Hymen

After logging in, you’ll be dropped off at the central TeamSkeet page to watch your pornography. The videos from all of your TS sites will be here, so depending on how much content they’re throwing around at the moment, you may need to work your way over to the LittleAsians section.

That gymnast clip I mentioned is called Hammering Her Hymen. The little slut who gets her hymen hammered is Jasmine Grey, who I’ve seen in a bunch of recent scenes across the Internet. She’s smoking hot up-and-coming talent, so LittleAsians is really on the ball. They’re not serving videos of washed-up old JAV stars that looked better in their VHS days. I’ve got a half-dozen of Jasmine’s scenes in my TeamSkeet collection alone.

The 40-minute scene opens with our sexy gymnast trying to convince the coach she’s trying as hard as she can, but it’s just not good enough. Video quality selects automatically based on your connection, but it goes up to 1080p. I didn’t have any buffering watching this little slut try to do the splits, nor when I skipped ahead to the pussy-licking portion.

TeamSkeet’s new entry into diminutive Asian entry films lives up to the quality we’ve all come to expect from the name. The camera work is solid, so we always get the perfect view of this woman showing off her cocksucking skills. The lust and hunger in her eyes as she goes to town on that monster shows why Jasmine is getting so much attention lately.

You can tell it kind of hurts when he spreads her legs wide and starts hammering that hymen, but you can also tell she wants it. Just wait until you see her face when he picks her up and bounces the tiny slut on his dick.

Girls this size are capable of some damn-near acrobatic fucking that even average-sized pornstars are incapable of. The studs can pick them up, toss them around and pound them from any angle effortlessly. She’s like a toy to him, with better orifices than any Fleshlight. You just don’t see this kind of raw sexual chemistry often. It’s fucking incredible.

You’d better believe I downloaded this one in full 1080p so I could savor every delicious moment of it. If you’re low on hard drive space, the small version is only 431 MB.

Kawaii Kitties Share a Huge Hog

Next I checked out the Kawaii Kitties clip. The name almost makes it sound like furry porn, but I don’t know if this counts. It opens with girls wearing underwear, cat ears and tails crawling around an apartment on all fours.

The feline sluts in question are Sami Parker and Brenna Sparks, a couple more growing names in the business. I told you, LittleAsians ain’t fucking around. Click on a name to see their other films on TeamSkeet.

It’s goofy but the girls are sexy as hell. I skipped ahead and rubbed one out to the pussy-eating scene. I had to mute the ridiculous “cat” noises, but I’m sure they will appeal to weebos who stroke it to hentai porn. It’s rare for smut to appeal to both anime sex fans and regular ol’ perverts, so kudos to LittleAsians for making it happen.

TeamSkeet movies always come with a trailer, a gallery of screenshots, and a gallery of pictures. The pictures of the two babes are honestly pretty cute, and way sexier without the obnoxious meowing. I downloaded the zip file for later use.

It’s obvious right away that the folks behind LittleAsians know exactly what they’re doing. TeamSkeet has been making Internet porno for over a decade and this new site is a product of everything they’ve learned during that time. Every element of the production, from the talent to the audio, is some of the best in the world.

Right now, with only 5 videos, it’s hard to justify the cost of a membership to just LittleAsians alone. Since the price actually includes access to 28 TeamSkeet paysites, you end up getting a pretty goddamn good deal. You can beat off to a few different movies every day and never watch the same one twice.

LittleAsians is brand new, but they’re off to a great start. I hope to see their collection of tiny Asian sex movies grow into an archive to rival the Great Library of Alexandria. In the meantime, be sure to check it out if you’re fucking with TeamSkeet.



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