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Looking for uncensored Japanese porn with subtitles at Japan HDV? I’m a sucker for Japanese women. I like those tight bodies, those almond eyes, lickable complexions, and ripe titties. Plus they age more like a fine wine than bananas, like some of these other haggard porn bitches I look at. Today I’m looking at JapanHDV, a sex site offering up Japanese whores by the boatload.

This one’s a paysite, so go ahead and find something else in your budget if you’re at the library with your Fleshlight again. They’ve been around since 2013, so it will be interesting to see how they’ve made it the better part of a decade with so little fanfare.

OMFG! I Can See Your Pussy!

There’s a big blurb at the top of JapanHDV’s landing page. These things are usually stuffed with keywords to catch search engine traffic and aren’t really meant to be read. I looked it over because scrutinizing porn sites is kind of my whole thing. There’s the usual shit about how their videos are the sexiest and best, and how they’ve got naughty teachers and dirty students and submissive office ladies. You know, the same nasty shit you typed into Google to find this.

What caught my eye, though, was one claim in the opening line. JapanHDV says you can, “Experience the best of uncensored Japanese porn site with the most beautiful Asian women.” The broken English helps sell me on the Asian lady fantasy, but there’s a more important part in there. Uncensored Japanese porn? For real?

If you’re familiar with JAV (Japanese Adult Video), beat off to hentai, or just like admiring the naked and beautiful Asian female form, you’re probably well aware of the censorship issue with any Japanese porn. It’s the weirdest shit. The country perfected the art of whole rooms of dudes jizzing on a single girl, but they don’t want you to see dicks or pussies.

Frankly, it sounded like grade-A bullshit to me. I see enough boasts on paysites that I take them with a grain of salt and a few milligrams of Viagra. I clicked on one of the front-page sample clips, Yui Hatano Resolves Problems With A Blowjob.

The sample sets up with a cute little office chick in a stairwell with a client. Subtitles translate the dialog. The video looks like it’s straight from Japan. There’s no way there’s going to be exposed genitals, right? I thought it was against the damn law in Japan.

The client tells her he’s already talked to her boss, and it’s not okay to say no. Good thing it’s a submissive Japanese babe. Instead of tweeting #metoo and trying to ruin the poor guy’s life, she sucks his cock.

Holy shit! There’s no digital mosaic obscuring his dick. I check out the sample for Miku Oguri Is A Horny Pizza Delivery Girl and there’s more uncensored action, so it wasn’t a fluke.

The preview clip for Girls Are Learning Important Lessons About Sex features a whole room full of young sluts practicing their cock-sucking and boner-riding skills and oh my god, I need to see the whole thing right now.

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Cheating Wives, Asian Whores, and Hot Teachers

JapanHDV’s regular membership is about thirty bucks a month. Keep in mind that’s the recurring membership; if you only want a month, cancel before you get charged again. Alternately, you can drop an extra ten bucks for a non-recurring membership, or get half-off by buying six months at once. They’ve also got a cheap 2-day trial if you want to look around.

It’s essentially the same pricing plan most of the other premium sites have right now, too. Now we just have to figure out if it holds up against the competition.

JapanHDV has a pretty simple layout. There are no flashy extras trying to lure you to different areas of the site. It’s just a tube-style display of thumbnails from their collection, showing the Latest Movies by default.

What they lack in pizazz, they make up for in the quality of the smut. Fucking Christ on a cracker, Japanese bitches are gorgeous, especially with their clothes off. I’m not even sure where to start. Do I start with the sweet young thing in handcuffs, the naughty Asian blonde getting boned, or the cheating wife bouncing on her hubby’s friend?

It looks like JapanHDV is doing an update every two days. Yesterday a MILF got her mouth filled with a Black man’s seed, and two days earlier it was Yuka Tsubasa putting dildos in her pussy and ass.

The bad news is that even though the updates are regular, they sometimes run short. The two I already mentioned clock in around 6 and 13 minutes, though the group-sex video from the previous update is over an hour.

There are enough long videos that you’ll have plenty to beat off to if you’re a marathon wanker. If you’re visiting the site once a week, it shouldn’t bother you, especially with more than 1,000 scenes in the archive. Hanging on for every update might drive you fucking nuts every time you get a short video.

Learn Important Lessons About Sex

I already knew the video I wanted to see first, but I didn’t see it on the front page of videos. I clicked the search icon expecting a simple bar to type what I wanted. I was surprised to get much more.

JapanHDV has an advanced search feature consisting of a ton of check-boxes to narrow down your video picks. You can choose by tit size or pussy hair maintenance, sex acts or costumes, and a whole bunch of different series.

I will have to return to this area to see what the hell comes up when I check the boxes for Homeless Teen, Bukkake, Foot Job, and Naked Family. In the meantime, I’m still lusting after those schoolgirls in the orgy from the sample page. I typed “important lesson” into the search bar and hit enter.

A Special Training Camp for Teen Sluts

Girls Are Learning Important Lessons About Sex clocks in at over an hour and a half, so it’s one of the movies that is really going to help you get your money’s worth. The video opens with a couple of dozen hot chicks getting onto a crowded bus. Five minutes later, they’re all naked and lined up for inspection.

The JapanHDV player is pretty bare-bones. There’s no buffering at the start or when I skip around to the group blowjobs or face-ridings, but I can’t change the speed or adjust the subtitles. My quality options are a simple HD or SD. The HD looks okay, but I wouldn’t have guessed it’s 1080p like the icon says. It could be a DVD rip or some other format that just doesn’t scale up very well.

The HD, SD, and mobile clips are available to download as links below the video player. Honestly, two gigs is way too fucking big for an “HD” movie of that quality, even if it is long.

If you’re into pictures, most of the movies have a couple of galleries of screenshots and posed photos. Girls Are Learning Important Lessons About Sex comes with all these studio shots of the little whores lined up like meat. I saved some to help tenderize my own later.

Fuck Yeah! Bonus Porno!

JapanHDV is actually part of a network of sites you’ll get access to with the membership. You also get MyCuteAsian, AvidolZ, AsianBondage, TeenThais, JavHQ, BrutalAsia, and HD-Access. You’ve probably figured it out already if you’re not huffing paint, but they’re all Asian sites except for HD-access, which is a general hardcore site.

Some of them are smaller sites with only a few hundred videos. They add up, though, with HD-Access alone contributing more than a thousand to the pile. Even if you just came for JapanHDV, it’s a nice bonus.

My biggest complaint about the site is that they have HD in the name, but their high-def is lacking compared to what other sites are offering. It’s definitely more than passable, and the overall quality of the action is enough to get your cock dripping before you even click play.

One of the site’s biggest strengths is exactly the opposite. While the overall video quality is grainier than I’d like, the cunts and cocks aren’t intentionally reduced to blocks of pixels like in most of the Japanese porn I see. That alone will be a selling point for a lot of perverts.

I like this one. If you’re looking for some good smut featuring beautiful Japanese women, give JapanHDV a look. There’s always a cheap trial if you’re just curious.