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Fuck yeah! Uncensored JAV porn at JAV HD! I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, your ethnic background, what language you speak, where you’ve traveled, or what kinds of girls you tend to date; if you’re a living, fully functioning adult male with a penis and a heartbeat, you have jacked off to Japanese chicks at one point or another. Tell me I’m wrong. That’s right, you can’t, because you know that you have.

And for good reason! Japanese girls are some of the most objectively beautiful women on the planet. There’s just no debating it. With their soft, fair skin, those sexy eyes, their petite little bodies, and tight, tiny pussies. I absolutely fucking love it.

And I’m far from alone. Japanese porn is easily one of the most popular porn niches in the adult entertainment industry right now. It’s got to be right up there with teen or taboo. and Japanese porn is definitely one of the most popular (if not the most popular) ethnicity niche today. A close second, I would bet, is probably Latina porn (my personal favorite).

Censored Porn? Get the Fuck Out of Here…

One complaint I always tend to have with JAV (Japanese Adult Video), though, is the fact that it censored more often than not. Due to some bullshit Japanese moralist law against obscenity, almost all of the porn that comes out of Japan is censored—the pussies blurred out, sometimes the dicks as well.

And, I don’t know about you, but I just cannot stand to watch censored pornography. What is the fucking point? It’d be like drinking nonalcoholic beer or smoking weed that had been sapped of all its THC. You’re just not going to get the desired effect.

And, make no mistake about it, porn is a drug too. That’s why you’re so addicted to it, dumb ass. The only difference between porn and, say, coke, is that the high that porn provides is the orgasm … still a rush of endorphins and dopamine to the brain just the same. Hey, I like a line of coke here and there just as much as the next bloke, but you definitely aren’t ever gonna find me snorting lines of B12 or Advil or some shit. If I’m going through the trouble of shoving a powder up my nose, it’d better make me feel like I am motherfucking God for 15 minutes or fuck all that noise.

I feel exactly the same way about my porn. If I can’t see her twat, how am I supposed to bust a nut? If I can’t see the fucking, what’s the point of even watching porn, to begin with? I’d be better off watching one of those softcore movies they used to play after midnight on Cinemax and Showtime. It’s just humping then, not porn.

Which is why that is the first thing I check for whenever I arrive at a new JAV site: do they have uncensored videos? You might be surprised, actually, at just how many don’t. It’s a goddamned epidemic!

There are a few sites out there that do feature uncensored porn. Sometimes, though, even if they do, they don’t make it particularly easy to find. They make you work for it. Bastards. But there are some sites, even fewer still, that feature only uncensored Japanese porn. And these are the rare, nearly mythological sites that you’ll want to look for. The Holy Grail of JAV.

Jav HD: Not a Single Censored Video

Well, gentlemen (and ladies, I suppose … but, let’s be honest, probably more likely gentlemen), fear not for I believe I may have found it. I present to you a site known as javhd.com. On JAV HD, you can expect nothing but tons of high definition, uncensored, authentic Japanese pornography. In other words, the sexiest girls in all of Japan being fucked in hardcore, vivid detail. The sexiest women on the planet, defiled, just for you, in crystal clear, unblurred, uncensored streaming video.

From the moment you arrive at JavHD.com, the site should look familiar to you if you frequent (and I know you do!) free porn tube sites. The design and layout of the site’s members’ area is pretty similar. You have a banner up top, complete with a menu bar. Below that, you will find a few galleries of thumbnails broken into sections. First are the Most Popular Scenes, then Best Live Cam Channels (yes, Jav HD offers its own camming service as well), then you’ll find JAV HD Newest Videos (presented in a sort of thumbnail collage), Hottest Japanese Idols, Most Popular Categories, and, all the way at the bottom, Upcoming Scenes. So, basically, it seems like, in terms of design, Jav HD combines the best organizational elements of a free tube site with the quality and breadth of features offered by a typical premium pay porn site.

The menu bar at the top of the site will allow you to easily navigate the site as well. Choose from Home, Videos, Models, Categories, Sites (links to recommended sites), Live Cams, and Hentai (brings you to the same page as Sites). To the right of these menu bar options, you’ll find your member’s dashboard, from which you can quickly access your favorited videos, your profile, or logout.

Some Missing and Incomplete Features

As far as your user features are concerned, though, that is about it: you can favorite videos. You can also upvote or downvote videos, but there is no comments section to enable user interaction of any sort. Whereas I don’t view comments on porn videos as an absolute necessity, they are certainly a nice feature to have. Especially since it seems as if it is the standard nowadays, to provide a social media element or some sort of community features beyond just watching porn in isolation.

Not only can a comments section be useful (‘hey, what else is she in?’), but it can be fucking hilarious as well (if you don’t believe me, go check out the subreddit, r/Pornhubcomments … you won’t be disappointed, I promise). So, needless to say, I was a little bit disappointed to see that feature lacking.

But, JAV HD does have amazing JAV to choose from. And tons of it. Which, at the end of the day, isn’t that all a porn site really has to do? Maybe we’re asking too much in expecting our porn sites to double as fucking social networks. Is that really necessary? Why? So that all of you fat, lonely old men can gather around and be autistic about how hot your fap session was on the comments of a porn video? I don’t know, call me old school, but you can’t really argue with a fuck ton of awesome, HD, totally uncensored videos of some of the sexiest Japanese chicks on the web.

Plus, it’s not like JAV HD doesn’t offer any extra features. You can, of course, browse and “like” or “dislike” any of the models featured on the site. Browse your girls by most recent upload, most viewed, or top-rated. Each girl has her own page, containing every video of hers on Jav HD, along with some basic stats (height, weight, breast size, measurements, hair color, eye color, birth date, birthplace, ethnicity, and official website link [if applicable]).

My only complaints about this section are that there are some girls listed who have no videos on Jav HD, and it would be nice if they could have taken the time to provide some more biographical information on the girls. The models are, after all, the most important part of porn. I think it’s only fair to treat them with the respect they deserve.

But, of course, neither of these missing elements is really tainting my experience of the porn on the site. Just another example of a potential addition to the site that could make it all the better.

All in all, I love all of the HD, uncensored Japanese porn to be found on Jav HD. I think the site is designed well and it is very user-friendly. The models are, of course, stunning. And the videos are great; good old-fashioned hardcore porn at its best. I do think that JAV HD could be doing a little more in terms of services provided … I think they could expand some of the community features a bit (meaning that they could stand to introduce some, to begin with).

I also think that it wouldn’t hurt for Jav HD to consider going through their porn stars section once more to check for inconsistencies; but, more importantly, to provide a little more information on the girls if possible. At the end of the day, though, I fucking love Jav HD. I think it is, by far, the best Japanese porn site I’ve been to yet. Keep up the good work!