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Looking for some DMM R18 JAV porn? Years ago, the mail lady woke me up to sign for a nondescript, paper-wrapped package from Japan. She didn’t know it was DVDs of squirting schoolgirls and lesbian anal fist-fucks, but I could tell from her face that she knew it was some pervy shit. Well, it may have had something to do with the raging boner throbbing through my shorts, but whatever. I’m just glad we can stream the stuff from sites like R18.com nowadays.

Hell Yes! I Love JAV!

Japanese Adult Video (JAV) has always been popular throughout the entire porn-viewing world. Some call it yellow fever, I call it basic human nature. We’re programmed to lust after ripe young babes, and Japanese sluts are prized in the world for their eternally youthful look. Yummy yum.

I’m starting to wonder if R18 is where I got those nasty DVDs I told you about. It was so long ago that it blurs together with the rest of the fortune I’ve spent on porn. I am sure R 18 was around back then. They got set up back in 1998, establishing themselves right as the whole world was waking up to the Internet. Great timing.

It’s no longer 1998, though, and the porn world has changed. It hasn’t changed that much, really. We’re all still stroking our meat to beautiful women getting banged from every angle in the most depraved scenarios we can imagine. The format is totally different, though.

Load up R18’s front page and it looks like any other online porn shop. There are naked women with their big fake boobs hanging out, nude beauties showing off naturally huge titties, and groups of women fondling each other’s breasts in order to appreciate the little differences that make us all special snowflakes. There are also girls eating cock and squirting girl cum from their cunts. The main difference between R18 and other sites is that the girls are Japanese.

A decade ago, the thumbnails of Asian broads getting their nipples twisted or buttholes fingered would all lead to DVD purchase pages. While the Viagra grandpas out there might still buy their Japanese bondage porn through the mail, the rest of us perverts have gotten with the times. R18’s with us, so physical media is out. You can download or stream any of their offerings instead, freeing up your closet sex shelf for doomsday-prepper quantities of lube.

(Incidentally, you can’t buy your lube or sex toys on R18. Those sections, formerly staples of any porn shop, have been casualties of the new format. I can’t blame them. Storing, packaging and shipping out rubber fists and cherry-flavored asshole-numbing creams adds a lot of overhead.)

Big Tits, Creampies, and Married Women

R18’s in it to get your money, so they put their newest, best shit right out front. The very top of the page features a Daily Ranking of some of the currently trending JAV titles. Right now I’m seeing video covers for flicks like The Busty Teacher’s Allure Hitomi and 100 Cum Shots and Counting! Quick links give you access to the full ranking and new release pages.

During my visit, there was a big banner for a Winter Sale offering 50 percent off. I took a peek and while only a few dozen movies are eligible, they don’t look like cutout-bin bitches. The whole page is lined with Japanese sex goddesses in various states of undress. Poor little Ririka looks a little afraid of the Big Black Cock in some cuckold student movie.

Bigger shops like R18 have pretty regular sales and specials, so keep your stiff one-eye open. Besides the Winter Sale, there’s also a whole section of other Limited Time Deals. Oh, hey, it looks like Don’t Show The Grandkids - Grandma’s Orgasm Face In Her Fifties Squirting is under 4 bucks right now. At over 4 hours of action tagged with Mature Woman and Married Woman, that’s a fucking bargain.

Long movies are one of R18’s most popular categories. The tag "Over 4 Hours" is listed on the front page with other hot categories like Big Tits, Threesome/Foursome, and Titty Fuck. There are quick links to trending titles in each category, with extensive lists a click away.

If you don’t keep up on JAV, you might not know of any up-and-cumming Japanese pornstars. No worries, though, there’s a selection of them on the front page. One look at the videos will show you why they’re so fucking hot right now.

Japanese Schoolgirls to Rent or Own

Toward the bottom of the page, I found an embedded video sample of an innocent-looking schoolgirl getting groped in her uniform before giving head and getting her cunt slammed in a hot tub. The text above said “Their First Steps in AV”. I’m really into seeing young Japanese girls getting deflowered, so I had to take a closer look.

The movie, called Re-pan, pops up on R18’s title page. Each one shows basic info like how long it is (this one is an hour), who put it out (Amateur Fishing), what the tags are (Schoolgirl, Beautiful Girl, Gonzo, Big Tits), and who the girls are. Re-pan only has this one girl, Re-pan, but that’s fine with me. The screenshots show a sexy 18-year-old just learning what a big dick feels like.

R18 has a few viewing options. You can buy a stream and download combo, or upgrade to the HD versions for a couple more bucks. If you feel like you’ll be done cranking it to a particular video in a few days, you can rent it for a few bucks.

This movie is $4.41 to rent or $11.77 to buy the cheap version. If you’re used to buying DVDs or movies one at a time, this will seem like a bargain. Honestly, though, in 2018 that’s steep for porn. Even the really expensive premium sites will give you a better bang for your buck if you’re wanking for quantity.

Of course, you can’t get this JAV stuff everywhere. It’ll be worth it to the fans. For the general perverts, they’ve got channels.

The Cable TV of JAV

R18’s porn channels are impressive. There are 17 of them, with more than 243,000 movies total. It’s more than $80 a month, which is probably a bit much for most pervs, but it’s basically the cable TV of JAV.

You can subscribe to individual channels, though, which is a good way to get your money’s worth on R18. They’re tailored by studio or kink, including hentai, and start at under $20 a month for full access to thousands of videos.

If you’re brand new to Japanese Adult Video, let me give you a warning before you dive right in with the big membership plan. Everything from Japan has the dicks and pussies blurred out. They’ll show you the kinkiest shit in the world, but you’re not allowed to see the wee-wees. Sorry.

Are Eight What?

You know, when I heard the website’s name, I never would have guessed it’s full of Japanese Adult Video. R18 is the big-boy-pants movie rating in a bunch of countries, but not Japan. It could also be a car website devoted to Renaults, Audis, or Hondas.

The only thing I see on Wikipedia’s R18 disambiguation page that might be sex-related is a manga. Well, pervs, I looked that up. There are a couple of sisters on the cover, but they don’t hook up or get their cunts and poopers explored by tentacles.

The manga called R18 is some clean shit you can find on any anime website for babies. It’s not pornographic, so you won’t find it on the hentai sites, nor will you find it in R18’s extensive hentai collection.

What you will find is hundreds of cartoons of degraded housewives, horny angels, and bound women screaming as they ejaculate. It’s not the biggest stash of anime porn I’ve seen, but it’s a nice supplement to the rest of their collection.

R18 is not the cheapest porn shop on the ‘net, but it’s definitely one of the better ones if you’re looking for Japanese Adult Video. Pick a channel or two for the best value, or ask the boss if you can put in some overtime.