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EscortDirectory! Do you ever find that so much in life correlates with experiences, whether good or bad that might have occurred in your life? Well, I do almost like always, and because you, my readers, are the closest thing I have to friends, that’s why am always down to share them with you. Perhaps make you laugh at my old virgin ass like I bet guys like ThePornDude do or even help you find the strength in that you are not alone in your pussy starved endeavor. Now, I first heard about escorts from one among my many stepdads. It was during the summer, my mum was heavily pregnant with my younger sister I guess wasn’t really into fucking him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame him. In fact, I blame myself for being so trusting about my girl's issues with him which probably pushed him into preparing us a double escort service date at some hotel downtown we would often hang out at during Sunday afternoons. God knows that the blondes were the sexiest I had ever seen but when they started undressing and getting playful around the table; I shit in my pants almost immediately and you can guess my ‘dad' had a feast because I was done, flabby and couldn’t do shit. However, now that I’ve watched enough porn and saved some change from my mom’s grocery trips. I am ready to find out whether my luck of finding the ultimate beauty, to whom I intend to lose my virginity to, lies on Escort Directory a simple site with a female, male, Trans and Agencies offering among other services; massages, dates, and BDSM sessions. Join me on my tour, will you?

Beware; you are on your own!

I went through the terms and conditions of, and I was astonished by how clear they are about not taking any responsibility whatsoever for anything that may happen to you from the individuals or websites that you access on the site. They continue to emphasize on the fact that they only sell advertisement space, which is another way of telling you not to be too naïve when it comes to your dealings around the site. And maybe the non-verification and poor Escorts reviews may as well lead as a spotlight.

Simplicity at its best has a particularly straightforward layout that works best with the numerous sections within the site. And while it could be better, I guess the fact that the main business is well handled should at least have you cut them some slack, I did. They have a listing for new Escorts within your town irrespective of what part of the world you belong to, massage parlors that offer extras, diverse escorts for various sexual needs including extreme fetishes and kinks.

The Escorts

Escorts (female, Trans, male and Agencies) are the main attraction on this site, and sure they are as beautiful as they come with; nice titties, round booties, gorgeous faces, sultry skin and basically curves in their goddamned places. And while there are new escorts, you can always pursue the older and more experienced ones. Once you identify one you are interested in, you can go ahead and click on her profile to get a detailed look. Some of the essential details you are bound to find include; their telephone number right at the top of the bio page; WhatsApp and Viber or any other instant messaging app details that will enable you two plan a date. Other details in these ladies’ profiles include age, weight, languages spoken, and of course, rates. Speaking of rates, some of the girls are quite pricey, and you might have to dig deeper into your pockets. Also, if you find the Escorts from your city not satisfactory you can always use the two drop-down menus. And while it might not exactly work out for you because some cities have close to no escorts, I am sure it wouldn’t hurt to at least try.

The advanced search

The advanced search feature on this site is the only friend you might need to figure out your way into some awesome pussy. I mean there are quite a few extremely useful criteria that include; real pics, verified contact details, with video, porn stars (yes, there are professional sex performers who do escort services as a side hustle), natural photos, online, and available for travel among many other details. Also, the site enables users to ‘zoom’ in your ideal kind of escort. Other filters provided for the search include ethnicity, language, looks, services offered, and availability. You can check out the section for new escorts, latest actions (profile update, new photos, new reviews, etc.), tour info, reviews, comments, and a photo feed.

Escorts Reviews

The reviews section of the site is probably the most sensible bit of the site pertaining to the Escorts services. I mean it’s not necessarily about bragging; I would totally brag about not being a virgin anymore. But it’s more of looking out for a brother or even a sister out there, driven by her sexual desires like yourself however might be too unsure about who is real or fake including the services standards. It’s a good thing that the girls are actually rated over 10 with the poorest being at about 3 or 4 based on poor reviews that prove they might be lying about their body measurements, might have used fake photos or even worse still provided very substandard services. As for the good ones, however, most of their ratings are above 7 for their truthful BIOS and of course good services provision.

Plenty of services to choose from

There are lots of erotic services you stand to receive from the Escorts on this site; from the sensual, kinky all the way to hardcore sex. Some of the common ones include: Massage; there are lots of stunning, skilled beauties ready to explore the tips of your skin with their soft oily fingers to drive you to the edges up until you can’t resist for some extra play. BDSM; if you are looking to be dominated, to dominate or rather have some extreme painful submissive sex, there are girls ready to offer you that and more on this site. Tours; trips away from family or even lone vacations can’t be any fun unless you are down to spice up the adventure with a beauty at your beck and call for hire. Which is exactly what you stand to acquire here. Fetish; there are just those fussy sensual moves your wife isn’t open to and if you are looking to explore more of your kinkiness these escorts might be the answer.

Fake profiles???

Well, I guess the days you could as easily trust strangers are way gone. And while reviews for Escorts might be a good way to verify whether a certain girl is genuine or not. It’s almost impossible to trust girls whose photos or even profile isn’t verified. I mean, you could as well be making a deal with the devil himself. And while it’s actually tempting to go for these sumptuous pretty girls; remember it’s your life you may be putting in danger, and if you are attacked, robbed or even kidnapped, it’s entirely upon you.

The good of Escort Directory

Detailed Escorts profiles; the escort profiles feature plenty of useful info that will surely come in handy, e.g. the services they provide, how much they charge, meeting places, among others. Easy to navigate; the site has a simple, elegant design with all the necessary features to see any user have a smooth sailing through the site. Diversity of escorts; the site does not discriminate between sexual orientations, and you can expect thousands of male, female, and tranny escorts advertising all manner of erotic services on the site. Advanced search feature; the advanced search feature provides the best way to narrow down to the specific girl you might be looking for, ASAP!

Possible concerns

Some Ads; the site can easily be mistaken for an Ads array with a troop of banners coming in hard left and right every page you turn to. And while I have personally endured worse, I don’t think my fortune friends will be too happy about it. Potential scam profiles; the high number of unverified profiles on the site is highly alarming, especially considering that they have exempted themselves from any responsibility. Very corny, don’t you think? Some GEOs have minimal escorts; I don’t think horny women with some money needs only exist in the parts of the world. And so if it’s meant to cater for the men around the world, at least there should be a sane balance.


I'll start with the annoying Ads because while we can’t complain because it’s a free platform, it becomes a hustle searching through the clatter. Also, please verify the model's profiles, thank you very much.

My verdict

Escort Directory should be every exquisite perv's arena! The site provides a selection of the hottest girls within countries around the world. And while there may not be lots of girls in every destination, you can rest assured that the ones available are beautiful enough and ready to take your thirsty cock for a ride at their quoted prices. There are no strings attached to their sexual relations. However, you might want to dig into their profiles and perhaps look up some reviews from mates who have been down that path before.



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