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User Rating: is basically, as its name already says, an escort porn site. That means that here, you can find the best girls that you want, and you can pay them to fuck them. Unfortunately, I don't have that much money on me right now, so I can't do that, but if you're lucky and blessed with a prosperous job, don't let my conditions stop you from living your dreams. What you can mostly find on this site is a big ass list of escorts, and some buttons that let you choose what kind of escorts do you want to meet, and the choices are endless. From your regular girls to full-on wild trannies looking to meet a gentleman that'll both please them and give them his money. And that's okay — a girl's gotta work. I'm lucky as long as that sort of thing doesn't happen in my family. I did have a cousin, though, that went into sex work, but unfortunately, since then I haven't seen her. Last I've heard is that she married a rich Arab guy and disappeared from the face of the earth. She didn't even send me any money before she went to live with him. She knows how hard my life is!

Navigation on this site

You also have another list on that's patiently waiting for you on the left side of the site. On that list, you can find your country and then you can find escorts from your area effortlessly. From what I've seen by now, some of the states have a higher percentage of fake accounts. That's why mostly recommends you to connect for already verified users. Or to ask the girl to provide some newer photos of herself. I remember when my dad wanted to cheat on my mom and went on an escort site. Instead of getting a blonde Russian girl as he asked, he got three black guys that beat him up, took his money, AND his drugs, so yeah. Be careful with sites like these, my fellow porn addicts. On, you can choose your preferences as well. Pick precisely the boob size, age, hair, and everything else that you want. This is the same as me building the perfect girl in a sex game, except that this is a reality, and unlike me, you can afford to do it and to treat yourself. And you should do it! These girls are amazing. You have every kind of girl - from beautiful to you regular ugly sluts here. Instead of banging your head about the price and asking them about the services they provide, you can find all of that if you click on their profile as well.

The profiles

On, you can conduct business with independent escorts, or you can hire an agency that will send you a girl of your choice. And their profiles are all full, so you can't have a misunderstanding. For example, let's click on a girl. Unfortunately, you can't click on the USA, because that section of the site is closed. Some law against enabling sex trafficking, I'm not an attorney. But, let's pick the closest country, which is, of course, Canada. In Canada, you can find some great and adorable girls, but that's not important mainly because I know that I'm not going to fuck any of them. And even if I had the money to do it, I couldn't do it without a strap-on, simply because my dick is so worn out from all that jerking off that it shrunk and it's got nasty scars all over the shaft now. When you click on a girl, you have a short description where she tells you who she is and what's she's doing. It usually also comes with some bullshit phrases about how she's the girl of your dreams, so if you hate that, don't use I know I get annoyed by that because I am tired of fake love. Even my parents don't love me anymore. All they care about is junk food, their disgusting sex times, and a lot of prescription drugs. So don't come at me with that bullshit anymore. What's NOT bullshit though is how they put real info that you're going to need right bellow the description. Is she a smoker? A drinker? What's her cup size? Can she speak multiple languages? Come and find out. And the essential information after that - what sexual services can she provide. Most of these are your usual oral, vaginal, deepthroats, tea bagging, kissing, dinners, and everything else that you already know. Some girls don't do anal though, so if you're looking to stick your pee-pee in a girls poo-poo, that's not going to happen. I mean, unless you find a girl that's ready to take it up the ass like my high school crush. I remember writing poems for her while that ugly jock Josh was bragging about how he put his finger up her asshole... It broke my heart, man. But, what can you do except move on, right? You can't wallow in your sadness forever, even though that's exactly what I've been doing. And look how it worked out for me, fuck! You can also contact them because usually escorts on leave their phone numbers. That's how you can arrange your meetings and have interesting conversations with them before you meet them. Keep in mind - you don't have to ask them about the cost and expenses - it's already all on the site. For every sex act, there's an already listed price.

How to protect yourself from fake escorts

Aside from what I've already told you about fake escorts on, some real ones can be assholes too. Nothing like my mom, though, you can't top that. The same way she can't stop putting toppings on her ice creams, but this is different. Some escorts like to cheat, like to run away with your money, and most importantly, money from their respective agencies. And after that, they ignore calls and act as if nothing happened. Luckily, to avoid that, there's a blacklist. Yes, the same blacklist that I'm on because once I whipped my penis out in a supermarket when I was fifteen, thinking that the cashier liked me. Unfortunately, now I have to walk at least two kilometers to the nearest supermarket that'll let me in. And I still see no improvement in my calf muscles! You can protect yourself with this blacklist. It's displayed right at the top of, and there you can see correctly which girls you shouldn't hire. Along with that, you can see numerous reviews that say precisely why you shouldn't do it in the first place! Those reviews came from their agencies mostly and conned customers who just wanted to get some. So yes, this great site also has a fantastic protection system that'll filter out the bad hoes. And unfortunately, that kind of stuff doesn't exist in real life. Hence all of my dramatic heartbreaks over the years, and my now bad fear of rejection. I can't even ask the employee to help me lift a watermelon because I can't do it myself. I have a crippling fear of people, and I know it. I guess that the solution for that would be hitting the gym and seeing a therapist for my mental issues, but I'm on my ex therapist's blacklist too. And I'm too scared to go near buff dudes, so the gym is not an option either.

Registration and conclusion

There a couple of different ways to create an account on You can create it as a business, whether it's an escort agency or a strip club, or you can create a clients account that you can use for hiring girls. You can also be an independent escort girl and register here. It's all your choice. All in all, whatever you are, you're not going to regret this decision. The site is excellent, and there's practically no way for you to get scammed if you take some precautions. The girls all look attractive, the site has some fantastic functions, and you can have a great time both on it, and with girls from it as well.



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