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VirtualTaboo! A lot of people assume that, as a deranged and depraved pervert who lives with his mom, I’m constantly getting down with wild, incestuous sex. I really wish that was true, but you motherfuckers have never met my mom. The bitch is so fat that when she sat on Walmart, she lowered the prices. Yeah, sex with my own mama ain’t really on my bucket list, but the taboo VR scenes at VirtualTaboo make me dream about a better life. Combining family role-play humping with the immersive magic of virtual reality seems like a fucking no-brainer, but VirtualTaboo got into the game years before anyone else. The site was registered in 2015 and has been building its collection of 3D incest movies ever since. While the other clowns may have a couple dozen exclusive sister/brother sexual experimentation scenes, already has hundreds of virtual taboo movies to watch.

My Sister Was Never This Much Fun

The landing page shows all kinds of perverted shit going down, just like on your typical hardcore porno site except everything is in stunningly realistic 3D and everybody is related. Well, sort of related. They have to do the typical taboo dance where they imply everybody is connected by marriage and not by blood. You won’t even find the “I” word anywhere on the site, which is some bullshit you can thank the credit card companies for. For some reason, Visa and PayPal don’t want to be in the business of anal sex threesomes between actual siblings and their mom. Whatever, though. It’s easy enough to suspend disbelief when you’re watching a scene with a title like Sister Finds My Pocket Pussy. Honestly, I feel a little ripped off after watching that one, because when my sister found mine all she did was post photos on social media with jokes about how I bought the extra-small one. The regular size just doesn’t grip my cock with enough force and it isn’t my fault because it’s genetic, goddammit! You’ve got the same inferior genes, you fat bitch! I expected an update or two per week, but a big banner on the landing page says they now update 12 times per month. Holy shit. The other day they added a family group sex movie called Family Dinner: Dessert Gone Wrong, but the screen grabs show a filthy, fleshy meal that looks like it’s going splendidly. Other scenes added this week show Daddy’s Girl paying her college debt by letting him hit it doggystyle, and a threesome scene called My Mom Is Better Than Yours. I’ll show mine the scene later and she can argue her case, but I already know she can’t suck dick like that with her mouth full of snaggle teeth. It’s like a busted-up old graveyard in there, plus it smells like coffee, cigarettes, semen and cat food. VirtualTaboo will let you buy individual videos for 10 bucks each, but it’s sort of a crackhead thing to do. I was pawning my Pokémon golden shower doujinshi one comic at a time to fund my addiction to virtual blowjobs from my virtual pornstar stepmoms, but a regular membership would have been a much better value. A month normally costs 30 bucks, but you can get a better deal with a longer membership. They’ve even got a lifetime plan available for $250, Mr. Moneybags.

Members Get to Fake-Fuck Real Pornstars

The members' page at VirtualTaboo is a little bit overwhelming. Where the hell do I start? My cock is so hard it feels like half a roll of dimes in my pocket and I’m already dripping so bad I think I might pop the moment I actually touch the little guy. Should I spank him while watching a lesbian scene between a mom and stepdaughter, a ballerina spitting on daddy’s dick, or one of the many family orgy scenes on the menu? Oh, here’s one I need to fucking see. Julia Red stars in a half-hour VR fuck movie called True Story: How I Shared My Sister. I picked it because she’s a gorgeous little teen slut any day of the week, but the sexy cat ears she’s wearing in the scene remind me of all the furry anime feline babes that really get me going. The only thing she’s missing is a rich, silky coat of fur. I actually had to apologize to my anime princess body pillow for getting so raging hard about Julia. My sweet cotton princess, you are the only girl for me, living or not! Please excuse me, my sweet, while I masturbate to this 5K sibling incest movie with a very expensive sex box strapped to my face. If I don’t, it’s like I’m wasting that slip-and-fall settlement. The setup is actually pretty familiar. Julia’s stepbrother and his buddy found her favorite vibrator, added some glue to her bottle of lube, and then waited for the electronic toy to get stuck. That’s actually where the similarity to my own life ends. My prank ended with a severe beating and a testicle lost to the hands of a teenage girl, but Julia’s revenge begins with some intense licking, slurping, and sucking. True Story: How I Shared My Sister plays out with your virtual stand-in lying on his back, so you get to do the same thing while Julia bounces on your junk in various positions, often while sucking your buddy’s hard dick. As a guy so morbidly obese that it severely affects my mobility and ability to sit upright for longer than a couple of minutes at a time, I really prefer VR scenes shot from this position. One feature I’ve seen on other VR sites that would improve VirtualTaboo a bit is little icons that tell you what position(s) you will be enjoying the scenes in. I hate loading a scene of sisters eating jizz and then finding out I have to stand during the facials.

Minor Pornstars in Realistic Virtual Reality

One of the things you casual masturbators may notice is that while VirtualTaboo features some incredibly beautiful women pretending to be sisters, mothers, and aunties getting brutally violated by the men in their own families, you don’t see many really big-name porn stars. They’re not yet fucking with major players like Riley Reid, Abella Danger, and Lana Rhoades, but you compulsive smut addicts will recognize a lot of the names, faces, titties and twats. Red Bird, Florane Russell, and Lucy Li are among VirtualTaboo’s top girls. Another thing you’ll notice is that not all of the scenes have a family element mixed in. Most of them do, but it’s kind of hard to include family role-play in a solo masturbation scene. Red Bird is in one where she fucks a giant black dildo without a single brother, sister or daddy watching the show, unless they count your perverted ass. (Red’s other current scene on the site is a bit less ambiguous about its place on the depravity scale. Just read the goddamn title and see where it takes that kinky brain you’ve got rattling around in your skull: Daddy, What Are You Doing?!) My visit to VirtualTaboo filled my day with joy and my pants with a warm, thick stickiness that is currently cooling to a sad, wet tingle. I really loved all the scenes of horny sisters and mothers servicing cock, but after it was all over I felt very jealous and depressed. I bet it’s easier if you’re like The Porn Dude and you actually get laid all the time, but it’s a lot harder for a Porn Geek who lives with his mom in a warren of comic books, grime, and cat hair. It just made me realize all of the things that I’m missing, like a cheerleader sister who enjoys helping when she catches her brother jerking off. Taboo flicks and VR porn are big business, and I imagine we’ll see a lot more companies producing the material in years to come. That said, VirtualTaboo is easily the biggest and best stash of 3D family porn you’re going to find right now. It costs the same as all the regular 2D taboo paysites, and it’s in crisp, mind-boggling, 5K ultra HD virtual reality. Check out if you’ve ever wanted to smash your daughter without being charged with crimes against nature.

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