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Virtual Real Porn! Since I came across porn in the 7th grade, it has always been the same archaic stuff. Nothing really changes in different scenes, except for the characters and the storyline of course. And even then, it is amusing how those scenes work out their magic on my body. But hey, you know technology always blows our minds, this time it blew my nuts. Being jobless has really been tough on me, so I sometimes engage in activities of mowing people’s spaces in our neighborhood. So I remember one day I was clearing the backyard of our new neighbor when I heard weird noises like of guys having sex. Not having witnessed people having sex in real-life, I had to check it out. It was a bit shocking that Grace was just alone on her bed, wearing weirdly large shades and rubbing her coochie vigorously, and at the same time mourning at the top of her voice. It didn’t make sense, but it was extremely exciting to watch, just like a real solo porn vid. It was much later when I came to realize that the weird shades were VR headsets and they can be used to watch VR porn. Remembering how much fun I witnessed Grace having her bedroom, I had to lay my hands on those sets. It wasn’t easy, but only a few months of saving and they are not even the best quality. Regarding, where I would get the VR porn, PornDude always comes through for me in situations like these. Like always, I pick the most enticing one, and in this case; The whole experience of VR porn is like landing on the moon for the first time. Well, not like I have been to the moon (I haven’t even been out of my hometown), but oh well, how I imagine it is like. It was like nothing I had watched before. Being completely encased in one space with a life-size female model telling me to touch the inside of her thighs is out of this world. With my headsets, I have my love life all figured out, I don’t even need a GF. I’m honestly hooked to Their stars are irresistibly gorgeous, and the quality and presentation of each video is immersive. This site has made me a pro in real-life hardcore sex, threesomes, and even explored some fetishes. Never looking back to my miserable life mates.

Virtual Real Porn at a glance

Virtual Real Porn looks incredibly attractive at first look. Everything is well placed, with a top menu and beautiful thumbnails of videos on the homepage. To be fair, for a paysite, it has a decent outlook. The clean and straightforward design keeps everything at reach, and the content can be split up pretty much in any way. No one is getting lost at Virtual Real Porn. Part of the charm of Virtual Real Porn is the ability to be able to sort through their 442+ scenes using filters like models and genres, the type of video (with 120, 180, and 360 degree views availed), the POV of the video (either male, female, or POV), teledildonic device, ratings, and others. You will realize that these filters will come in very handy as the site has a large collection of exclusive VR scenes, which makes it stand out from comparable sites. Only a few sites come close, after all, it is the longest-running virtual reality studio.

Exclusive high-definition VR porn

There are currently over 440 videos on Virtual Real Porn that run across sexual preferences. I would say it is a decent count, and bearing in mind it is the largest collection at the moment. All videos come with a couple of crucial details just to give you a heads up before downloading them. Is such a nice touch that you can see the categories it belongs to, the length (most videos are over 50 minutes and only a few going over an hour), frame rate, field of view choices, compatibility with VR headsets, and in addition, compatibility with teledildonics (for instance, Lovense and Kiiroo). Downloading videos on Virtual Real Porn is easy. You can download different versions of the video in different resolutions, well, that depends on the device you are using. The videos are compatible with pretty much every VR medium, including iPhone and Android devices, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality. With resolutions ranging between 1600 and 1800 and the videos longer than 40 minutes of high-quality scenes, it goes without saying that you require a large storage space for the videos. The average size of each video is somewhere in the middle of 2.5GB and 3GB with some being more than that. This has been a major setback for me as I do not have enough space to keep loads of videos. It is such a pinch to delete some to create space for new ones. But what option do I have, it’s basically impossible to stream these with my bandwidth. If you really are not interested in downloading the videos (which is a bit tedious with all the waiting and probably having to transfer them to a certain folder before watching), there is always the option of viewing directly from the site. This saves you loads of storage space you probably didn’t even have. However, quality is better with the downloaded videos. Hence if you are looking for the best experience with VR scenes, better go for those downloads mate. They are up to 5K.

Interactive VR porn

Virtual Real Porn, like many of its competing sites, supports interactive scenes. This only applies if you have a compatible device though, for instance, Fleshlight Launch or Kiiroo Titan and others. Also, they stand out from the pack considering that they update their large collection frequently. The update schedule is not quite clear, though. Nevertheless, this is the best VR site to cash for. Regarding the models, Virtual Real porn spoils you with choices. There is a variety of models and pornstars ranging from teens, blondes, ebonies, and not to mention MILFs (my favorite). You will realize that most of the models are Spanish and European descent with a hint of Asian babes. Get up close with pornstars like Cherry Kiss, Briana Banderas, and Maya Bijou.

Pricing structure

Virtual Real Porn gives you a compact pricing structure that gives you options of full access and streaming only. Obviously, streaming-only comes at a cheaper price. What is it that they mean when they say cheap is expensive? I don’t know, but in this case, full access gives you better value and like you will notice, you get to keep all the downloads. And in as much as it is a bit pricier than the streaming-only, it is much cheaper than several other VR sites. Also, the offer keeps getting juicier if you choose longer subscriptions. So for streaming only options, you pay $9.95 a month. For full access, $15.95 every month, $27.95 for three months (translates to $9.32 a month), and $89.95 for a year access (translates to $7.49 a month). Payments are super safe, and you are allowed to pay with bitcoins for one month on a non-recurring basis.

The good of Virtual Real Porn

Diverse VR porn featuring hot models; on Virtual Real Porn, you are going to have a wide range of VR porn to choose from. Taboo themes, parodies, fetishes, and others are availed on this diverse collection. Also, gear up to watch sexy pornstars like Ella Knox, Lexi Dona, and Dominic Anna. Hundreds of 4K and 5K, 120-360 degree videos; the site has over 440 videos available for streaming and downloading. The videos are compatible with most VR headsets, including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, Vive, cardboard, and others. Just imagine 4k 3D scenes running at 60fps and binaural audio sound. Yeah, that’s not mentioning the 5k ones. They are immersive, to say the least. Spontaneous user interface; one of the finest features of this site is that. It remembers your headsets' choice. When signing up, remember to choose your preferred devices. Filters are amazing too, and they are several options, including; genre, teledildonics, interactives, ratings, and others. Cheaper subscription for streaming only; well, if you are on a tight budget and want to squeeze VR porn in the mix, Virtual Real Porn has an answer for you. High-quality photo sets and trailers; you cannot download the in zip, but they are of high resolution. Videos have descriptions; you know exactly what a video entails before downloading it.

Possible concerns

It requires large storage space for downloads; since the videos are long and of high quality, they, in turn, take up a lot of space when downloaded. Unclear update schedule; the updates are regular, but the schedule is unclear.


Virtual Real Porn gives me a chance to be in the lucky place of a dude having sex with hot models or pornstars. In a wide range of sexual preferences, the site delivers HD 1600 to 1800, 120 to 360-degree quality scenes running at 60fps and binaural audio sound. I wouldn’t ever piss on this chance FFS!



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