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Wankz VR! Virtual reality has been a real godsend to me. Whenever I’m feeling down and lonely, I can just put this futuristic sex box over my head and suddenly I’m no longer in a dark, dank basement surrounded by anime figures and cat hair. I can still smell my general funk, but at least I’m transported to a clean porno set where I get to hammer away at the most beautiful women in the world. This week, I’ve been spending a lot of time shaking my dick at WankzVR. WankzVR.com got into the VR game on the ground floor, so they’ve already been building their collection of 3D fuck scenes for a few years now. Longevity counts for a lot in this business, because it proves the studios know what they’re doing and know how to get you off. Virtual reality has a steeper learning curve than traditional 2D smut, so those few extra years translate to better, more realistic and believable, fully immersive hardcore pornography.

A Virtual Mountain of Premium VR Smut

A big banner at the top of the landing page lets you know that WankzVR won the 2018 and 2019 XBIZ awards for the VR Site of the Year. Nice! The site also got a good review from The Porn Dude, which is really the best endorsement any adult website could get. The dude is a real stud with his finger on the pulse of the red-blooded, horny male. If he says it’s good, well, I’ll go grab the lube. The same banner also tells me they’ve got 365 VR fuck flicks on the menu right now. That means you can beat off to a different one every single day. What could be better than starting each morning with a visit to a virtual porn set where you get to get your cock sucked, bang girls between the boobies, and have threesomes with ripe young teens? It sure beats the hell out of my usual routine of crying while I massage my mom’s bunions so she doesn’t make me get a real job. VR is so new that all the paysites hawking it are still bragging about the basic shit. Yeah, we get that there’s head tracking, binaural 3D sound and at least 180 degrees to look around. (360 was more popular when virtual reality porn first hit the web, but they realized you probably aren’t going to turn around and look at the wall when there is a 3D porn slut slurping on your balls.) That’s great and all, but it really is expected for the genre. I’m much more interested in the caliber of the hotties and the depravity of the sex acts they are committing. The newest movie is a college fuck scene where Uma Jolie stopped by because your wife is out of town. The young, brown-haired beauty lets your virtual counterpart smash it missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirl before jizzing all over her lovely little tits. A couple of days before that, it was Sloan Harper as a raver girl who really wants your giant wiener between her jugs. The scene makes me extremely horny, but also very depressed that I’m not cool enough to ever score any Molly. They’re updating twice a week and every scene is a perverted fuck fest featuring ripe young babes getting hammered in every single whole. There’s tons of cunt fingering and deep-throating action, not to mention creampies and threesomes. Good God, it all makes me so excited that I’m a little bit worried about making my anime body pillow jealous. I guess I’ll just flip her face-down for a while so she can’t give me that mean look.

Cheaper Than a Back-Alley Hooker and Hotter, Too

The standard price for a month of unlimited streaming and downloads at WankzVR will run you 20 bucks. The monthly rate breaks down to an evil $6.66 if you spring for a full year, hail Satan, or there is a two-day trial for two bucks. The trial only includes one download, so choose wisely. Streaming works, but will look grainy with those pixels right up against your bloodshot eyeballs. Twenty bucks is a killer price for this volume and quality of porno. Shit dude, a regular old flat sex site usually runs 30. That said, my mom is a bitch and wouldn’t give me a Benjamin for a month of virtual twat stretching. I cried a little bit when I hit the Back button to leave the sign-up page, but that actually earned me a 10-minute offer to sign up for just 10 bucks for the first month. I’ll have to skip my morning Big Mac a couple of times this week, but I’d rather be hungry than horny with no porno. The sign-up page also says you get access to 31 exclusive bonus sites. I couldn’t actually find a list of them, but the links in the header lead to a maze of different premium porn sites. It’s unlikely that you’ll run out of virtual reality scenes on WankzVR to jerk off to, but a change of pace can be nice. Anyway, who’s going to complain about all that extra porno gravy?

From Kissless Virgin to Threesome-Having Stud

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I’m actually a virgin. I’ve never even kissed a girl, let alone sunk my shaft balls-deep into the tight, wet cunt of a gorgeous professional hump artist. One day I hope to get the opportunity, but in the meantime, I figured I’d live it up in VR. Why smash one fat girl from the Internet when you can bang three professional hotties on WankzVR? There’s a lot of good group sex on the site, but this flick called Star-Spangled Banger really caught my attention. It’s got a trio of sorority sweethearts who need my help with their Fourth of July party. The scene opens with a few girls who are happy to see me, a first in my life, but it only gets better from there. Within minutes, the young ladies are showing me their bodies and leaning in for VR kisses. The 3D audio gives me an ASMR effect that really adds to the intimacy, and the ridiculously crisp resolution makes the whole thing feel so real. I feel like I’m actually at a backyard party, something I’ve only watched sadly from my bedroom window while punching myself in the genitals. The redhead who slurps my cock first makes a lot of noise. I like how she cups my virtual balls while working her mouth. That’s one talented little whore. We do some one-on-one doggy style in the garage before her blonde friend walks in. They kiss each other a little before double teaming on my dong. I felt like I was going to pop already and I hadn’t even gotten to the threesome. I jumped ahead to the half-hour mark and found myself pounding a new, brown haired babe from behind while the other two girls went down on each other. By this point we’ve moved outside, and I have to wonder what the neighbors on the other side of the fence think about all that orgasmic moaning and squealing.

Holy Shit, I’m Masturbating into the Future

Virtual reality has taken off a lot more slowly than us neckbearded, basement-dwelling virgins had hoped. It may finally be ready for primetime, thanks to Oculus (a.k.a. Facebook) and porn studios eager to get in on the game. A lot of new VR porn sites are popping up right now, but few of them are as worthy of your time and money as WankzVR. WankzVR (often misspelled as "wanksvr") costs less than your typical premium porn site, and they update twice a week with exclusive virtual reality fuck scenes that make you feel like a genuine porn stud. Hell, I end up feeling like The Porn Dude, the studliest motherfucker alive, when they drop me into these 3D sex movies. It’s an easy choice if you’re looking for the best way to masturbate in your expensive new computer hat.



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