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VR Bangers! Guys, I’m so angry right now. I just had a big fight with my mom about not having a job and living in her basement, masturbating to pornography all day and never helping to clean up or contribute in any way. As usual, the mean bitch started taking cheap, unfair shots after I made fun of her mustache. She told me I’d always be a virgin and that no girl would ever bang me. Well, I’m about to log into VRBangers and hammer away at some of the most beautiful babes in the world. How do you like them apples, mom? VRBangers.com is only a few years old, but virtual reality porn itself is very fucking new. These guys got into the game ahead of the curve, right before VR gadgets really started making it into households everywhere. Those couple extra years make a big difference that can be seen even in just their accolades. VRBangers is the winner of the 2018 XBIZ award for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and the 2019 AVN award for Best Virtual Reality Scene. The Porn Dude also really likes the site, which is honestly the only endorsement I really need.

Your Favorite Pornstars in Virtual Reality

The first thing you’ll notice when you hit the landing page is an intensely, aggressively modern design. The whole top of the screen is a full-motion video showing a montage of your favorite porn starlets in various stages of undress. There are lots of faces and naked bodies you’ll recognize if you’re a big porn fan. I guess it goes without saying that a big VR porn site ain’t some fly-by-night operation hiring crackwhores off of Craigslist. This shit requires a budget just for the high-tech new VR recording equipment, but VRBangers must have cash to spare. They’ve got some of the most beautiful women on their roster. You’ve been cranking the chain to some of these broads for years, and now you get to smash them in hyperrealistic 3D. Abella Danger, Riley Reid, and Whitney Westgate have all shot virtual reality fuck movies for these guys. You’ll also be able to smash babes like Adriana Chechik, Mia Malkova, and Valentina Nappi. See, mom? I can be like The Porn Dude, too. I’m aiming for the top and today I will lose my virginity with the help of VRBangers and a futuristic sex box I’m about to strap to my eyeballs.

Cheaper Than My Weekly Hot Dog Budget

My mom thought it was a dumb idea to use all my slip-and-fall settlement money on a brand-new Oculus when some of these sites are still giving out free Google Cardboards. Well, you know what? It evens out because right now all the VR sites are charging lower rates than the 2D sites to get all of us perverts hooked. VRBangers, for example, currently costs 25 bucks a month for the standard deal, and even lower if you spring for a long membership. There’s also a bundle available with their VR tranny site, if you’re into that sort of thing. The membership includes an exclusive update every week, letting you bang the world’s hottest pornstars in 3D. I always look for at least one update per week on a premium site, so I like this, but I also like the fact that VRBangers already has hundreds of VR scenes in their collection. Some of the new guys only have dozens or even fewer. There is, unfortunately, no trial membership currently, but they do make the trailers available to stream or download. You can also watch them in the app, which doesn’t require a membership to download and use.

A Better Masturbation App Than Facebook

VRBangers is one of the few VR sex sites that has its own app. If you’ve already been playing around with the different 3D sex videos available online, you’ve probably got your own set-up/masturbation routine since VR does make it a little more complicated than just whipping your cock out at the library. I was almost going to skip the app and do my regular download, wait and wank thing, but I’m glad I gave it a chance. The app drops you into a trendy little apartment with a wall full of videos in front of you. Browsing media in VR can be a fucking pain in the ass, but the interface here is really well done. Once I figured out how to get logged in (there’s a box in the top right corner), I had quick access to the entire VRBangers collection with a nice set of sorting features to dig right down to the porn I wanted to crank it to. Virtual reality always looks a lot better if you download versus streaming. That’s just the way it’s going to be until consumer Internet connections get a hell of a lot faster. One thing I really like about the app is that you can download directly from the app. Jerk off to a relatively grainy VR scene of Marley Brinx getting fucked up the ass, and then download it so next time it’s even more real. One thing I didn’t like was that I couldn’t save the videos directly to my SD card. VR porn scenes are fucking massive and will fill your internal memory in a hurry. After snagging a couple of scenes with Nicole Aniston and Angela White, I had to stop playing with myself and shuffle files around. Another issue with the app? It found all my other porno on my gadget, VR and otherwise, but none of it would play correctly, if at all. It’s not a huge deal, it just means I will continue jerking off in my familiar VR app even when I’m watching VRBangers movies.

How I Lost My Virtual Virginity

I went to a community college for a few months after high school before my agoraphobia got to me. Now whenever I see a sorority hookup scene, I feel like I really missed out by vomiting all over that sorority sister. Maybe if I wasn’t so socially awkward and was able to exchange a few words with a beautiful woman without losing my lunch, I would’ve been able to make something happen. I had tears in my eyes thinking about those missed opportunities as I loaded up Sorority Hookup Part Six. I seem to have missed some important plot points in the first five episodes, because it opens with me already standing in a sorority house bedroom with four naked young women kneeling in front of me. One exotic babe is already bobbing on my knob within 30 seconds. The binaural audio is a fucking trip, way more realistic than typical stereo recordings of girls moaning and begging for my mighty shaft. The babes take turns slurping on my gherkin. I try not to moan too loudly, because every time I do I can hear my mom yell something at me from upstairs. I’m pretty ludicrously turned on as one girl spins around on office chair to let me hit it from behind while the other young ladies provide support. It’s such an insane mass of beautiful, succulent flesh and a cacophony of slapping, squealing, moaning and giggling sounds as I smash away. Jesus fucking Christ, is this really what college is like? I guess I really fucked myself by not pursuing my dream of becoming a college-educated comic book store guy. I love that VRBangers gives you an on-screen warning before it’s time to switch positions. One of VR porn’s biggest hurdles is all those damn position swaps. Sometimes you just want to watch porn on your back because you’re morbidly obese and sitting up for too long makes your heart beat dangerously fast. VRBangers seems to be acutely aware of this issue, so they label their scenes with position icons and let you browse scenes by position. Well, my underwear is soaked and my hands are very sticky with my own semen. I hope my mom stops giving me shit about being a virgin, because I’m pretty sure that what I just did counts as sex. I can understand why The Porn Dude likes the site and why it’s won those awards. It’s high quality virtual reality smut with some of the top stars in the business, and the price is really fucking decent. Check out the trailers if you don’t



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