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Porn K Tube! I started off masturbating to porntubes back when I was in junior high in the late 2000s, and it was partly because I didn’t know any better when it came to pornography and also because there wasn’t much choice back then. I mean sure, there was a lot of porn even back then, but the selection was almost always limited to just generalized vanilla pornography on pretty much every major XXX porntube-esque website that was hot back then, like RedTube. Nowadays, after about a decade of several daily masturbation sessions, my sexual preference has been honed - no longer am I00% turned on by those POV TeamSkeet or RealityKings videos which are almost always plastered on porntube homepages. These days I look to pornography like cuckolding (a MUST if I ever get married - will have to find a girl with actual elf ears for that), worship (I would love to drink a girl’s pee and bathwater while she insults me) as well as ASMR + babying (nothing better than a girl tucking you in after she changes your diaper) and of course the cult classic Hentai. But despite my preference, I sometimes find myself taking a break from all my favorite themes and genres so as to not lose attraction for them, because fapping to one same kind of XXX content for too much will definitely do that. I like to take a break from my usual stuff and turn to basic vanilla pornography from time to time, and PornKTube is one of the sites which I turn to in times of my “porn taste regression”. This site may have stuff which I deem basic, but I’m confident that a lot of you out there who masturbate on occasion or even on a daily basis will be more than satisfied by what it offers - there are all kinds of vanilla themes and genres here that are sure to satisfy the visually-induced dopamine centers for most of you reading this. PornKTube is a definite classic and a top contender when it comes to porntube-esque websites, but can it always guarantee satisfaction? Let’s find out.

Categories Go Far, But Not Wide

The categories here, to put bluntly, aren’t really the sort that would fully satisfy me - I like to fap at least three times a day, the first two faps are dedicated towards the kind of XXX content I prefer, and the third is dedicated to some generic stuff like the videos on PornKTube here. Now with that being said, this site does its job when it comes to general porn-fuelled satisfaction since it definitely is capable of pleasing me for my third daily fap due to the fact that it contains pretty much every niche and topic related to vanilla porn in its categories, but I wouldn’t spend my first two daily loads on this site’s content. I mean don’t get me wrong, I could force myself to enjoy teen and milf POV videos all day every day since I’m yet to experience what real sexual intercourse feels like, but I spent around four years watching those kinds of videos all throughout high school. I’ve practically burned out my visually-induced dopamine centers for that kind of stuff, and now only rely on it to not lose attraction to the type of content I always masturbate to i.e. cuckolding, babying, ASMR, cosplay/hentai and so on. Lastly, this site’s categories don’t really go all that deep when it comes to the more hardcore stuff - there are no peeing, fetish, humiliation or BDSM categories here whatsoever.

No Tag Section In Sight

Sometimes I like to explore the tag section of a given XXX site in order to find more specific themes and niches which are otherwise unavailable on the category section - I look for tags such as ‘diaper’, ‘ballbusting’, ‘femdom’, ‘mommy’, ‘cosplay’ and so on in order to center in on precisely the kind of content I’d like to spend one of my daily loads on. Unfortunately, I can’t do that here on PornKTube because there is no tag section whatsoever - the only means of organizing the content on this site is via the provided categories or the three different video filters (more on that later). There’s no other way to target specific content that would cater to your needs, so if you were hoping to use tags to find stuff you like on this site then your hopes are all for naught since the tag section here is just about as nonexistent as my means of monetary income.

Videos Are All Long, Full Scenes

I like to watch porn for the plot (if there is one) because I’m much more moved and riveted when I find out why the two people I’m watching are engaging in sexual intercourse as opposed to just watching sex scenes as they are. Plus I appreciate a woman’s body so much so that I like to watch them undress, and it annoys me to hell when the porn scene has been cut to leave that part out. I mean I used to peep in the girls’ locker room for some time, so watching women undress is extremely relatable and by extension arousing for me. PornKTube here doesn’t exactly have those short cut-out scenes that always make their way on popular porntube sites like PornHub, XHamster and YouPorn - this site keeps things full, and when I say that I mean it likes to not skip out on any of its scenes and prefers to have full, long-form scenes as videos on its database which guarantee you at least 20 full minutes of nothing but premium pornography. If you appreciate a good XXX plot like I do and don’t like to watch short, cut-out scenes, then you’re sure to find plenty of full scenes here on this site that is guaranteed to satisfy.

You Can Filter Them Via Popularity, Rating or Newest Additions

As I previously mentioned, there are three separate ways to filter in/out the videos provided by this site. You can sort them via popularity (views), which should give you a generalized idea of what the people who frequent this website are most into. Then there’s the rating filter, which lets you sort videos via their rating and allows you to filter in videos that have the highest or lower rating. And lastly, there’s the ‘newest’ filter, which allows you to sort videos depending on when they’ve been uploaded on the site itself.

How Am I Supposed to Get a Girlfriend With No Pornstar Section?

I severely dislike talking to girls in real life, but am always desperate to get a girlfriend for myself, so instead of attempting to waste time and money by talking to the real girls around my area and ending up being severely rejected, I instead roleplay with virtual pornstars which I develop affections for over the internet. The way I do this is quite straightforward - I enter a site’s given pornstar section and start searching for any women who are physically attractive to me. Once I finally decide on one, I enter her profile and start reading her information such as biography and other facts about her like age, place of birth, height, weight and so on. This allows me to create a personality in my mind which I attached to her as well as a backstory on how we supposedly met and whatnot. Afterward, I go in for the cherry on top and decide to slowly, sensually fap to a given POV video of the pornstar I’ve targeted (most of them have POV videos). Upon orgasm, I feel a surge of oxytocin, which is the chemical responsible for intimacy and bonding - that oxytocin makes my orgasm feel more pleasurable than usual, and this whole method is an alternative way of romancing for me since I can’t really get a real girlfriend. It greatly disappoints me, in this case, to see that there is no given pornstar section whatsoever - this website (or at least the people running it) have decided to not invest in this section at all, which not only prohibits me from role-playing, but also doesn’t allow any of its visitors to check out all the pornstars who appear in this site’s videos and pick one that they like, which is definitely a loss of quality in my book.

Site’s Optimized for Mobile - And It Will Get The Job Done

If you are like me, a man with an undeniable need to masturbate at least twice a day, you know how important it is to carry around a working smartphone with you when not at home and use the classic bathroom excuse to take yourself to the nearest bathroom and proceed to fap to a given XXX video on the internet. I don’t have 3G, so I rely on free Wi-Fi to get the job done - I usually do this in public libraries, churches, malls or at relatives’ houses, and I can definitely depend on PornKTube to get the job done for me in that scenario because it’s fully optimized for mobile use.



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