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Sometimes I find myself going on sites like VEPorns here and similar porntubes when I get bored of my gotos - I mean don’t get me wrong, I can watch POV cosplay videos in VR and surround sound all day as I drool whilst jerking off to my favorite League of Legends XXX champion cosplay videos, or ASMR videos where the girl pretends to be my caring, nurturing girlfriend who feeds me after giving me a blowjob. As great as those may be, eventually I get tired of looking at the same themes and fetishes and revert back to the basics with generalized vanilla porn, which can be found on pretty much any great porntube website like VEPorns here. VEPorns contains all of that stuff and then some, and it’s great because it specializes in profesionally-made pornography, so much so that the people running it have decided to make separate, standalone sections for several porn studios like Mofos, Digital Playground, Tushy and so on. Despite VEPorns specializing in generalized vanilla XXX content, I’m confident that anyone who at the very least watches porn once a week (as opposed to me - these days I’m averaging three faps per day) will find the content on this site more than suitable for their needs. The videos here are in HD, which really helps immerse you within the content itself, especially if you’re the kind of person to watch this with headphones in the dark like me (I’ve been caught watching porn by my mom several times but the immersion that’s gained with that watching method is definitely worth it). Let’s check out VEPorns and see what makes it tick, and if it can really be made use of by even the most hardcore porn veterans like me without failure. Categories Are Quite Extensive (not in alphabetical order, 140 in total, way too many Czech ones I always like to check out a porntube’s categories if I know what I’m looking for at least remotely - sometimes I get caught up in the clutches of the wicked “fapper’s indecision” syndrome, but that's usually when I’m out to bust my nut for the second or third time in the day. My first faps of the day are usually focused, and I depend on a website’s category section to find what I’m looking for at that moment. This site scores high when it comes to categories, totaling in exactly 140 different kinks, themes, and genres. But even though there are a lot of categories on this site, it still has some flaws which need to be fixed if it can ever be able to call itself a great porntube. First thing’s first - the categories here seem to be plastered at random, not in alphabetical order. This makes finding something as simple as “Threesome” a chore because it won’t be where you expect it to be, and if you have a raging sex drive turned on by internet porn like I do, you know that every second counts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve cum in my own hand just from the pure anticipatory anxiety I experience when searching for my go-to XXX video to please myself to. In addition, another problem this site’s categories face is the alarming amount of ‘Czech-related’ categories it contains. There are over 10 different categories here which are associated with the keyword ‘Czech’, and are probably posted as a result of the large amount of ‘Czech streets’ porn content that’s on this site, which is inexplicably weird because there are no other porn production/studio-related categories besides these ‘Czech’ ones here. They would have fared much better as tags, and although there are tags on this site there’s no standalone tag section so the tags themselves are only half useful at this point. But still, it’s quite perplexing to see so many ‘Czech’-related categories on this site’s ‘category section. As for the categories themselves, pretty much all of them are ‘vanilla intensity’ when it comes to how hardcore they are - there are no fetish, pissing, humiliation or other more ‘bizarre’ categories here - the most you’ll get down this spectrum is the humble ‘BDSM’ category, which actually contains content made by popular porn studios like Brazzers and so on, so again it’s not that hardcore. 

Pornstar Profiles Are Full of Information 

The pornstar section here contains profiles which are full of information, and I’m talking to the brim - age, appearance, body type, place of birth, eye color and just about everything else you could want to find out about the most popular commercial pornstars is contained in this site’s pornstar profiles. This is obviously great for me since I’ve never had a girlfriend, and the provided information can be made use of by me when I role-play and pretend that a given porn star is my girlfriend or spouse (pretending that I have many virtual girlfriends is just one of the perks of being a hardcore pornography veteran like me, and I find it much more convenient than actually going out and chasing real women). This means that if you, like me, like pretending to have a new digital muse(s) every other night, you can do it easily here on VEPorns since its resident pornstar section has nice, fully-filled out profiles. Amateur Category is Combination of Authentic and Professional Content The amateur category here contains both authentic and professionally-made content, which is, in essence, a prime example of unorganized content, but at least it contains both formats instead of just focusing on one. There are the authentic homemade videos here which I’m sure those of you who’ve actually had sex in the past can perfectly enjoy since you can relate to them, as well as the profesionally-made content that’s made to emulate realistic and amateur-like scenarios. I personally prefer the latter, because I think it’s far more realistic for me to be pounced on by a pizza-delivering milf than actually have sex with a girl that’s of similar age to mine on a couch in a random living room. In the end, I guess you should just appreciate the fact that there are both amateur and professional videos on this site’s ‘amateur’ category, because most modern-day porntube-esque websites tend to only lean toward one format of amateur pornography, usually restricting themselves to only one of the two formats. 

Tags Aren’t Utilized Efficiently 

The tags here are definitely not utilized to the best of their ability - notice how there are only 2-3 tags on literally every video you open on this site, instead of at least 6-7. I mean sure, there may be categories, but there is definitely more versatility within tags - they can be used to define even non-sexual things within XXX content, which is rare within categories. I certainly would have appreciated a ‘diaper’, ‘pregnant’ or ‘cuckold’ tag on this site (that's just some of the stuff I’m into after a decade-plus of constant masturbation to internet porn), but there isn’t even a standalone tag section here, which is admittedly disappointing for a site with such a large audience (I’m sure that even the great Porn Dude is disappointed by the fact that there is no standalone section on this site). Works Great on Phones If you’ve ever been at church, school, a family event or just out and about and thought “man how great would it be if I could masturbate to some porn right now” (something that I think of frequently), then you know all too well that the smartphone era is a godsend for you. Phones nowadays allow you to go on the internet and open up a porn video in just a minute or two. I do it often when I have nothing better to do and am not in the comfort and safety of my own room, and after trying it recently on VEPorns (often misspelled as "vepron", "vepirn", "vepoen" and "veporm") here I can tell you that this site is pretty much 100% optimized for access via smartphone devices.



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